The Federation: A Libertarian Socialist Discussion Bulletin - # 1 (1975)

In 1974 a small group of anarcho-syndicalists, libertarian socialists and anarchist-communists from the US eastern seaboard develop relations, communication and collaboration, forming
"The Federation" in 1975.

On the following pages you will find the one and only bulletin, plus some reports, literature list and a leaflet in support of the then reemerging Spanish CNT.

Submitted by syndicalist on August 7, 2016

Although the big sounding name "The Federation" was never more than a few people, many of the initial members went on to collaborate on a number of projects over may years. A few of us are still friends and in the movement up to present time.

Some worked together in the IWW, on the newspaper "Against the Grain", doing educational and stuff at NYC's "Free Association" space; helping the old timers continue the tradition of the Libertarian Book Club; meeting and trying to learn/understand from a number of old timers who were still involved in the Italian and Yiddish speaking groups/papers; local and international solidarity and distribution of a wide variety of periodicals. From these early days, some comrades went on to form the Libertarian Workers Group and later on the Workers Solidarity Alliance.

The group had a healthy distrust for leninists and many odd souls who considered themselves anarchists.
Belief in the class struggle was a key and important element in developing relationships and unity.

"The Federation" best summed up who they were and who the, broadly speaking, membership was.

"We are a group of young anarchy-syndicalists. We have fraternal ties with the International
Workers Association, various CNT groups in exile and other libertarian class struggle

Laying out their vision, they proclaimed:

"Our general understanding of libertarian socialism is this: the sharing, refining, planning and
distributing of the world's resources in such a way in such a way that cooperation replaces
competition and decentralization replaces rule from above. People seeking such a world must be
opposed to coercion and those institutions which divide the working class. The struggle must be
against capitalism and the bureaucratic collectivist state."

Thinking locally and acting globally:

"Through studying with, talking to and acting in harmony with our comrades around the
world we can arrive at a better definition. We are not leaders of, but a tendency within, a
world wide class struggle."


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