Fighting Talk 10 (January 1995)

Issue 10 of Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine.

Submitted by Fozzie on February 4, 2019


  • In The Area: AFA Round Up
  • The Battle Of Waterloo
  • War On The Terraces? - the changing face of football
  • Red Hot And Blue - the juvenile ramblings of the Revolutionary Conservative Caucus
  • Germany Calling - more arrests as the state offensive increases
  • The Acid Test - AFA replies to its critics
  • A View From Valhalla (overview of fascist publications)
  • War And Resistance - An AFA member's views on the Bosnian conflict
  • Behind Enemy Lines (overview of fascist publications)
  • Letters
  • History - Trouble On The Tyne: Blackshirts in the North East
  • Reviews