Ford Visteon Workers Support Group founded

The group, to support the pickets and occupation of sacked Ford Visteon workers, welcomes others to get involved and has a number of upcoming events listed below.

Submitted by Steven. on April 10, 2009

A loose support network had been set up at an open meeting of about 50 people at a rally outside the Enfield Visteon plant on Saturday 4th April. Various people and groups active in organising ongoing practical support for the workers had proposed that we set up better co-ordination and collaboration for this work. 200 leaflets proposing this were printed by Haringey Solidarity Group and handed out to those present after the workers ended the occupation and started the picket on Thursday 9th. About 40 supporters then took part in an on-site support meeting, where it was agreed to go ahead with the proposed public launch meeting in the evening.

The following principles were agreed

- It was agreed to launch the Ford Visteon Workers Support Group
- Support Group meetings are open to all groups, Visteon workers and families, and any other supporters
- The group will work in collaboration with Visteon workers
- Visteon workers, and only Visteon workers, can speak for themselves
- The weekly open meetings will discuss practical support and solidarity activities, and make decisions
- It is vital to emphasise the link with Ford

Some key admin issues

- All monies raised to go directly to the Visteon workers’ own treasurer. As agreed with the workers, cheques can continue to be sent via ‘Haringey Solidarity Group’, PO Box 2474, N8 until the workers have set up their own account.
- If the Support Group needs some of the money raised we will request it
- All messages of support to the workers to go directly to [email protected]

Upcoming events
- 24/7 picket: at the factory
- Saturday, 11am: Rally at the factory, called by the Enfield and Haringey TUCs
- Saturday, 1pm-3pm: Vols needed to help collect money at the Spurs v West Ham football match. Meet 1pm at the Spurs Shop, corner of Tottenham High Rd and Park Lane N17.
- Tuesday 14th: Further negotiations take place
- Thursday 16th, 7.30pm: Ford Visteon Workers Support Group meeting, Millennium Centre, 386 West Green Rd, N15

To get involved, people should join the e-mail list by mailing [email protected]