France: some updates on student strikes

The entry to the re-occupied Nantes Campus
The entry to the re-occupied Nantes Campus

Updates and reports from AG, blockades and strikes across France.

Submitted by jef costello on November 10, 2007

This update is not comprehensive but it has most of the available information, additionally some universities are still on holiday and therefore no action can take place.

Aix-en-Provence, the AG at the litterature campus, held yesterday, voted to continue the strike and the blockade until the next AG on Tuesday (465 for, 250 against) (09/11/07)

Videos from the Sorbonne and Tolbiac: Tuesday 6th, a student talks about the administration's decision to close the campus once a blockade had been voted on. Tolbiac: An interview with a student involved in a three hour occupation of the university president's offices. He also gives a report on the AG which voted to continue the blockade until Tuesday 13th. Opinions of students against the blockades.

Brest: Victor Segalen campus, 300 students voted for a strike with no blockade with the next AG to take place Monday.

Caen: 1000 voted on Thursday to continue the strike. An AG of 200 voted to continue the occupation.

Dijon, occupation of a room for a student local, AG on the 19th.

Grenoble voted to adopt the protest platform, to blockade CAs, to occupy an ampitheatre as a local and to block the university during demonstrations.

Le Havre, strike motion voted for by 530 against 270, blockademotion defeated 450 to 300.

Lille I: AG attended by over 1600 people. A majority voted to continue the strike, the vote to continue the blockade was won by only 10 votes. A vote to make anyone wishing to vote show a student ID card was lost by a single vote, but it seems that it will be implemented after the attack at Clignancourt. (During the CPE movement right-wing groups carried out sevral attacks on protesters.1 2 3) This measure has ben criticised by many, especially as many AG have voted motions in favour of sans-facs (who are denied enrolment)

Limoges: blockade begun on Thursday

Lorient AG of 150 students voted for a filtered barricade.

Lyon I strike committee only managed to get 50 peope to the AG, this wasn't enough to vote.

Lyon II AG attended by 500, majority vote in favour of strike action.

Metz, at an AG attended by 650 people a strike was voted for almost unanimously, although the vote for a blockade was so close that it was decided to delay mounting the blockade until the next meeting in the hopes of getting a better majority
Montpellier II blockades begun on Thursday

Montpellier: science departments voted for strikes on wednesday, literatue on thursday. No blockades voted for at initial votes although there are reports that they began on Friday.

Nancy: A close vote called for a blockade

Nantes: the buildings have been re-occupied after the CRS had forced out the occupiers on Wednesday. 1500 voted to relaunch the occupation and this time some 200 students were effectively barricaded in the buildings, the CRS decided not to try to retake the buildings. Journalists were excluded from the AG for complying with Sarkozy.

Paris IV:
-Clignancourt campus: two students armed with CS gas and a piece of wood tried to attack the AG. A gas bomb was thrown into the AG affecting many of the participants, when they saw the size of the AG the two would be attackers decided not to stay and fight and were allowed to leave. The AG continued.
-Tolbiac: the strike continues and students appear to have re-occupied the buildings. It was also voted to allow people in the area in bad housing to live in the buildings. Next vote to take place Monday.

Paris VIII 500 voted for strikes but not for blockades.

Pau: over 1000 students voted for a strike and a blockade until the next AG on Monday.

Perpignan, action began October 31st. There is a strike, blockades and occupation, most recent AG voted 618 to 321 to continue.

Rennes: at Rennes II 2000 attended an AG which voted to continue the strike. Rennes I 300 voted for a strike without a blockade, this vote came after a filtered barricade had previously been voted for)

Rouen: first university to vote for strike action, October 25th. Ags of 900 and 700-1000 have voted to continue the action. Delegations have been voted to form solidarity links with other strikers and a motion calling on teaching staff to join the strike was also passed.

Toulouse: 2000 at AG on Mirail campus, blockades and strike action votes passed. Rangueil campus has voted for strike action.

Rennes 2500
Toulouse 1500
Lille 1000
Aix Marseille 900
Rouen 800
Caen 600
Paris 600
Lyon 500
Nancy 200-300