Heatwave #1 (1966)

Heatwave issue 1 cover - black text on red paper

Debut issue of this London-based and situationist inspired journal including articles about youth culture, etc.

Submitted by Fozzie on June 12, 2024


  • Heatwave: first statement
  • Provo: what is the provotariat
  • The great accident of England - John O'Connor
  • Manifesto of The Resurgent Youth
  • Extracts from The Expanded Journal of Addiction (heroin) - Paul A Garon
  • The strange adventures of Holland - Gaby Charing
  • Only Lovers Left Alive (book by Dave Wallis) - Ben Covington [Charles Radcliffe]
  • The seeds of social destruction (youth culture) - Charles Radcliffe
  • The long hot summer #1 (Chicago riots) - Bernard Marszalek
  • The provotariat acts
  • The shapes of things
  • Free education... or no education
  • Daytripper: A visit to Amsterdam - Charles Radcliffe
  • Footnote to the long hot summer - Bernard Marszalek
  • Letters from America - Bernard Marszalek, Penelope and Franklin Rosemont

PDF courtesy of the now defunct charlieradcliffe.com.