Heatwave #2 (1966)


Final issue of Heatwave, published October 1966.

Submitted by Fozzie on June 13, 2024


  • All or not at all (Editorial)
  • The first daffodils of the pissoire
  • Note to our readers
  • Cartoon - Norrie MacLue
  • Dada and Surrealist texts: commentary - Christopher Gray
  • What is Dadaism and what does it want in Germany? - Hausman and Huelsenbeck
  • Revolution now and forever - Breton, Artaud et al
  • Cartoon
  • The Totality for Kids (review)
  • Cartoon
  • The Provo riots - Chistopher Gray and Charles Radcliffe
  • Worth Copping! (other publications) - Ben Covington (Charles Radcliffe)
  • The almost complete works of Marcel Duchamp (exhibition review) - Uel Cameron
  • Lefrak City: the bureaucratic utopia of S.J.Lefrak
  • Unitary Urbanism - Attila Kotanyi and Raoul Vaneigem
  • Landscape with moveable parts - Franklin Rosemont
  • Mad Mama's Blues - Charles Radcliffe
  • The Guerilla Manifesto - The Resurgence Youth Movement
  • The Forecast is Hot - The Rebel Worker Group
  • Mad Mama's Blues - Violet Mills

PDFs courtesy of Sabine Press and the now defuct charlieradcliffe.com site.

Libcom note: Heatwave ceased publication after this issue, as Charles Radcliffe and Chris Gray joined the Situationist International. Gray was then excluded from the S.I. in December 1967, Radcliffe having resigned a couple of months before. The "English Section" of the S.I. then became part of King Mob.

The cover of the unpublished third issue of Heatwave is included in the Dancin' in the Streets: Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists and Provos in the 1960s anthology (published by Charles H. Kerr), along with an extensive chapter by Radcliffe on the conditions and milieu in which the magazine was created.


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