King Mob Echo: English Section of the Situationist International

Anthology of King Mob and related material, compiled by Tom Vague.

"I have to say I was Impressed by them, they just had a better line of rhetoric. I was excited by what they represented but didn't fully understand what it was. It was a new way of looking at the world. You could grab whatever bits you could, like crumbs falling off a table. For us the Situationists were revolutionary artists."

Malcolm McLaren, Dazed & Confused

"The Situationists were the first people ever to provide me with a rational explanation of our irresponsible behaviour and to see everything in terms of political activity. They were much more fun, their writings were more fun, they were doing more interesting things, their pamphlets were more interesting than the boring fucking Trots."

Alan Marcuson, Days in the Life


  • Rebel Worker 6 - Burn Baby Burn - London - May 1966 - Charles Radcliffe
  • Heatwave 1 - July 1966 - Charles Radcliffe
  • Heatwave 2 - October 1966 - Chris Gray - Charles Radcliffe
  • The Modern Art of Revolution and the Modern Art of Revolution 1967 - Tim Clark, Chris Gray, Donald Nicholson-Smith, Charles Radcliffe
  • King Mob Echo 1 - April 1968 - Chris Gray
  • King Mob - Art Schools Are Dead - October 1968
  • King Mob Two - Letters on Student Power - November 1968 - Chris Gray
  • King Mob Graffiti and Flyers
  • King Mob 3 - 1969 - Chris Gray
  • King Mob 5 - W. Australian Anarchist Federation
  • King Mob 6 - Work - 1970

NB: Libcom also hosts some PDFs of the original King Mob journals here.