Industrial Worker (Winter 2017)

The Winter 2017 (#1778, Vol. 114, No. 1) issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on August 18, 2017

Contents include:

-Jewish faces in the Industrial Workers of the World by Bennett Muraskin

-Solidarity outlasts 'right to work' in Indiana shipyard by Alexandra Bradbury (Originally appeared in Labor Notes)

-Reader's Soapbox

-Top N.C state senator settles wage theft claims with guest workers by Paul Blest (Originally appeared in the Payday Report)

-Stardust Family United: Ellen's Stardust Diner union campaign by Marianne LeNabat

-Why this 'inconvenienced' SEPTA rider totally supports the strike by Will Bunch (Originally appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News)

-Unions facing the Trump era by Jonathan Rosenblum (Originally appeared in Tikkun)

-Trade unionists: Beware of the fascist threat! by Charles W. Martin III

-In November we remembered the Everett Massacre by Gordon Glick

-My favorite animal rights books of all time by Jon Hochschartner

-George Orwell's revolutionary legacy by Raymond S. Soloman

-Indianapolis IWW members need support in face of charges: defense fund for Fellow Workers in Indianapolis

-Gwen Snyder: solidarity with Gwen by John Kalwaic

-IWW resolution against DAPL and KXL

-Italian revolutionary union USI aids 2016 earthquake victims by x331980

-Solidarity across the globe by John Kalwaic