Journal of the Communist Academy

Вестник Коммунистической академии Вестник Социалистической академии
Vestnik Kommunisticheskoj Akademii

Scanned issues of Vestnik Kommunisticheskoj Akademii for 1922–31, with a translated index for issues nr. 1–36 (1922–29).

Submitted by Noa Rodman on April 9, 2016

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(called Vestnik Sotsialisticheskoj Akademii for 1922–23, issues nr. 1–6. Вестник Социалистической академии).

Issue 1

1) Immediate tasks of the Socialist Academy - E. Preobrazhensky. 5
2) Outline of the history of the Socialist Academy (1918-22) - A. Udaltsov 13
3) Factual comments on the outline of the history of Socialist. Acad. - Pokrovsky 38
4) Non-class theory of the development of Russian autocracy - Pokrovsky 40
5) Russian Revolution - Kritsman. 55
6) The ideological legacy of Babeuvism - Volgin 67

Questions of scientific organization of labor and production.
7) The main provisions of the organization of the company (Article prof. Schilling and ing. Görlitz) Papernov. 85
8) The list of modern German literature on scientific organization of production - Chlebnikov. 96

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in the Academy, and the debate on it.
1) "The Versailles Treaty" - report of Bogdanov 106

III. Scientific bibliography.

a) Economy.
Prof. Schitau "Revolution and the national economy" - Preobrazhensky. 154

b) Politics and Law.
J.M. Keynes, "A revision of the peace treaty" - V. Miljutin 157
Prof. Kotlyarevsky, "Development of international relations in modern times" - F.R. 160
Manabendra Nath Roy India in transition - F. R. 163
Bibliography on the theory of the law of the State - Stuchka P. 164
The general theory of law of comrade P.I. Stuchka - M. Reisner 173

c) Literature and Art.
Essays in science-fiction literature - A. Lunacharsky 182
Seger, "Kunst und histor. Materialismus" - V. Friche. . 189
Sakulin. "Russian literature and socialism" -V. Pereverzev 192

Chronicle. 195

Issue 2

Where did the non-class theory of Russian autocracy come from. - Pokrovsky 3
The financial system in the period of primitive socialist accumulation. - Kuzovkov 18
The doctrine of analogies. (On the book of Michelle Petrovicha) - Bogdanov. 78
On the subject of dialectics. - Thalheimer 98

The scientific organization of labor and production:
Problem of labour rate - Yermansky 106
Position and tasks of psychotechnics in the West and in the RSFSR - Spielrein. 114

II. Transcripts of the reports read in Sots.Akademii:
On the essence of religion, report of Gorev 130
The role of state capitalism in the system of Soviet economy - report Miljutin 165

III. Bibliography:

a) Economy:
Review of the literature on the world economy. - Bronskij 210
E. Preobrazhensky - From Nep to socialism - Miljutin 223
For 5 years.- Collection agit section. TS.K.R.K.P. - Firsov 226
Modern Russian literature on the agrarian question (Critical essays) - Dubrovsky 230
Problems of socialization in German literature. (Consolidated summary.) - Bazarov. 247

b) History of the revolutionary movement:
Kozmin. "P.N. Tkachev and the revolutionary movement of the 60s." - Pokrovskij 259
Aynzaft. "Zubatovism and Gaponovschina." - Pokrovskij 262

c) Historical Materialism and Philosophy:
New books on the philosophy of Marxism. - Gorev 268
Karl Vorlander. Social history of philosophy - Gorev 271

d) Literature and Art:
Essays of science-fiction literature. - Lunacharsky 272
The crisis of bourgeois art. - Friche. 291

d) Appendix:
List of books received in the past few years:
Cabinet of economics 285
Cabinet of International Politics and World War 290

IV Chronicle:
About Communist scientific-research institute in Petrograd. 293
Cabinet of Karl Marx under Tomsk rabfake 296

Socialist Academy in Moscow:
On the section on general theory and history of law and state 297
On the work of the Economic section 298
Section of Literature and Art 299
Reading room of the Socialist Academy
Society of "October Thought" 300

Issue 3

Toward the formulation of the problem of the theory of historical materialism. - N. Bukharin
Historical materialism and questions of primitive life. - A. Bogdanov
Dialectics in the system of Fichte. - A. Deborin
Theoretical bases of the dispute on the gold and commodity ruble. - E. Preobrazhensky
The mathematical laws of monetary emission. - O. Schmidt
Toward a theory of the market. - Sh. Dvolajtskii.
The law of the tendency of the rate of interest to fall. - W. Motylev (already translated into English)
In defense of the revolutionary-Marxist conception of class law.- Stuchka

Scientific organization of labor and production.
Objectives of the scientific organization of work and its position. O. Ermansky. 170
Personalism of Wilhelm and Stern in his attitude to psychotechnics. - Isaac Spielersin

II Transcripts of reports read in Soc. Academy.
The problem of psychology in the theory of historical materialism. - Report M.A. Reisner
The debate on the report of O. Ju. Shmidt: "Mathematical laws of monetary emission", and concluding remarks of the rapporteur

III Bibliography.
Review of the literature on world economy - M. Bronsky 278
Review of the literature on the agrarian question - S. Dubrovsky 295
Statistics 1918-1922 - P. Popov
Review of scientific-popular literature on the theory of relativity - Bazarov
Literature on Chartism - F. Rotshtein
Review of literature on the revolution of 1848 - St.Krivtsov 363
Old and new in prehistory (review of the literature on primitive cultures) - V. Nikolsky

The optimal size of agricultural enterprises (Higher Seminary Proceedings of agri. econ. and policy of Agr. Academy) - L.N. Kritsman
Max Adler: The teaching of Marxism on the state - G. Lukacs
Cayo: Whither France- M. M. Pavlovich

Attempt of a bibliography on the history of peasant movement - K. A. Morochovets
Index of Russian Literature on the situation of the working class - S.P. Kaplun.
Books - publ. 1921, received in cabinet - World war and foreign policy - Soc. Academy.

IV Chronicle.
Reports in the Socialist Academy 441
The publication "Socialist. Entsiklopedia
Gift of Ural workers
Soviet construction section
Section of the general theory and history of law and state.
Library of Socialist Academy.

Issue 4

On the curve of capitalist development. (Letter to the editor, instead of promised article.) - Leon Trotsky. 3
Where did the non-class theory of the development of Russian autocracy come from. (Continued.) - M. Pokrovskij 13
Toward a methodology of studying the issuance of money. - Bazarov 28
Materials on the theory and policy of monetary circulation in Russia (the period 1914-1923). - D. Kuzovkov. 101
The theory of accumulation of Rosa Luxemburg. (Regarding the article of comrade Dvolajtsky) - V. Motylev 136
The material basis of communist society. - Ivanov. 169
Reification and proletarian consciousness. - G. Lukacs 186
The essence of ideological views. - I. Razumovsky 223
The organizational principles of social technics and economics. - A. Bogdanov 272
Idealistic legend about Kant. - I. Borichevsky. 285
An integrated approach to prehistory. - V. Nikolsky 309

Toward a formulation of the problem of style.- B. Friche 350
Worldview and style. - Z. Tsimmer 362

II Transcripts of reports read in Soc. Academy.
Marx as a historian. - M. Pokrovsky 372
Reality and dialectic in the philosophy of K. Marx. - L. Akselrod-Orthodox 385

III Bibliography.
Overview of literature on the world economy. (Cont.) - M. Bronsky. 397
Overview of Russian literature on the agrarian question. (Continued.) - S. Dubrovsky 413
The problem of logic in modern philosophy. (Review of the literature 1916-1922.) G. Bammel 431

Belated criticism of Marx. (About the book of Tönnies "Marx Leben und Kritik") - I. Reve 446
First attempt of bibliography of Marxist criticism . (About the book of Mandelstam. "Fiction literature in the assessment of Russian Marxist criticism") - V. Pereverzev

III Chronicle.
Cabinet of Foreign Relations of Socialist. Academy 456
Library of Soc. Academy for the first third of 1923 457
Courses on studying Marxism at Soc. Academy (about the first issue) 459

Attempt of bibliography on the history of the peasant movement in Russia. (Cont.) - E. Morochovets 465
Condition of the working class. (Index of literature in Russian.) (Contd.) 473
Review of foreign periodicals received in Soc. Academy 487
Cabinet of foreign relations of Socialist Academy (new books) 492
Cabinet of economy of Socialist Academy (new books) 496

Issue 5

The theory of realization of R. Luxemburg:
1) On the old positions Marxism. - Dvolajtsky 5
2) On the accumulation of capital and the "third" person. - Kritsman, L 51
Reification and proletarian consciousness. Lukacs G. 74
The revolution of 1905 and the separation of rural population. Tyumenev. 121
The tragedy of artistic creativity in Goncharov. - Pereverzev, B. 164

II Transcripts of reports read in Socialist Academy.
Papers dedicated to the memory of Vorovsky: Pokrovskij, Friche, Kritsov, Chicherin 178

III Bibliography.
The problem of logic in modern philosophy. - Bammel 204
Review of the literature on the general theory of law. Pashukanis - 227
Mautner. Der Atheismus und seine Geschichte im Abendlande. (Vier Bände) - G. Lukacs 233
Hermann Schmalenbach: Leibniz. - G. Lukacs 237
Friedrich Kuntze: Die Philosophie Salomon Maimons. - G. Lukacs 240
Wilhelm Dilteys gesammelte Schriften - A. Fogarassi 245

Attempt to index of literature on the history of Narodni Volja.- Drej 250
Attempt of bibliograph., guide on the hist. of peasant movement (Cont.) - Morochovets 276
The position of the working class. (Index literature in Russian language) - Kaplun 290

Issue 6

The world economy as a single production organism. - Ivanov 6
Plekhanov, as an economist - V. Chernyshev. 61
The dialectical method in Lenin's works on economics. - V. Ditjakin 77
Dialectics experiments. I. Orlov 107
Reificiation and proletarian consciousness. - G. Lukacs 116
Fractional struggle in the Jacobin club. - C. Monosov 186
The law of 9 November and policy of plantation farms. - A. Tyumenev 264

II Transcripts of reports, read in Socialist Academy.
Economic crises under NEP. - E. Preobrazhensky 302
New data on the literary legacy of K. Marx and F. Engels. - D. Rjazanov 351

III Bibliography.
Works of Marx and Engels. Vol. I. For Marx. Articles and letters 1837-1844, D. Rjazanov. Vol. II. F. Engels. Articles and correspondence 1839-1844, ed. D. Rjazanov. - St. Krivtsov 377
On the question of the collapse of capitalism. (Miljutin, V.P. New period of world economy. Course of lectures on economics transitional period. State Publishing House; Osinski, N., N. The global crisis of agriculture. Ed. "Novaja Derevnja") - F. Kapeljush 386
Cunow, as interpreter of Marx's theory of society and state - E. Pashukanis 400
Marxism and Philosophy (Karl Korsch. Marxismus und Philosophie) A. Fogarasi. 412

IV Chronicle.
Minutes of general meeting of members of the Socialist Academy 11/X 1923 417
Works of the library of the Soc. Acad. in January-October 1923 (from Presidium's report). 438

Literature on Petrashevskyists. - G. Beshkin. 443
Attempt to bibliography on the history of the peasant movement in Russia - E. Morochovets 461
The position of the working class (Index of literature in Russian language) .- S. Kaplun 478
Cabinet of foreign relations (books publ. in 1920). Ju. K. 492

Issue 7

Reports of Lenin's memory.

Lenin in the Russian Revolution. Pokrovsky 8
Lenin as a Marxist. Bukharin 22

I. Articles.
Our currency (bank note, gold piece, treasury notes). D. Kuzovkov. 69
Modern petty-bourgeois political economy. L. Kritsman. 152
Notes on the theory of accumulation of Rosa Luxemburg. E. Lejkin 173
Origin of the Workers Party. F. Rotshtejn. 227
Giddy critic. A. Deborin. . 255
Methods of presentation. Reisner 273

II Transcripts of the reports, read in Com. Academy.
Einstein's theory of relativity and Machism. Timiryazev 337

III. Bibliography.
Works by N. Lenin (V.I. Ulyanov). 379 S. Krivtsov
The Agrarian Question, agricultural economics. S. Bazykin. 388
The literary heritage of Lassalle. (Ferdinand Lassalle: Nachgelassene Schriften und Briefe.) G. Lukacs 402
World production in comparative figures and diagrams. Seminary works on prod. statistics M. Smith. L. Kritsman. 416

Attempt to bibliography on the history of peasant movement in Russia. E. Morochovets 421
The position of the working class. (Index literature in Russian language.) S. Kaplun 446

Issue 8

Reports in memory of Lenin
Lozovskij, S.A. Lenin and the trade union movement 3
Mescherjakov, N. Lenin and the cooperation 26

I. Articles
Preobrazhensky, E. Basic law of socialist accumulation 47
Miljutin, V.P. Village of the transition period 117
Kuzovkov, D. Our currency (theory of currency) 150
Tjumenev, A.I. Revolution of 1905 and the cooperation in the Russian village 197
Menjuv, S. Last days of the Jacobin club (Jacobins in the epoch of reaction) 246
Rudasch, L. Orthodox Marxism 281
Fogarasi, A. Emil Lask and the decomposition of neo-Kantian idealism 305

II. Reports, read in Com. Acad.
Bogdanov, A. Objective understanding of the principles of relativity (methodological theses) 332

III. Bibliography
Leontiev, A. Epigon of the chartalist theory of money 348
Razumovskij, I. Toward a critique of the theory of right (on the book of Paschukanis) 357
Lukacs, G. Literary legacy of Ferd. Lassalle, vol. 4. 366

IV. Chronicle.
Protocol of general meeting of members of the Socialist Academy 17 April 1924 373

Systematic index of articles and material, published in Russian historical journals in 1923 395

Issue 9

Kritsman, L. Heroic period of the great Russian revolution (attempt to analysis of so-called War Communism).
Meerson, D. Industrial depression in Russia 1906–1909
Reysner, M. Conditional symbols as social stimulus.
Rudas, L. Lukacs, as a theorist of class consciousness

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in the Comm. Academy.
Varjash's report. History of philosophy and Marxist philosophy of history.

III. Bibliography
Adoratsky, V. Leninist collection I. Edited by L. B. Kamenev.
Spektator. From the theory and practice of monetary circulation in Germany.
Shvittau, G. Psychologism in the American economics

Kaplun, S. Condition of the Working Class. Index of literature in Russian language (continued)
Bogdanov, A. Letter to the Editor (about fundamentals of historicism of political economy)

Issue 10

Ladislaus Rudas. Overcoming capitalist reification or dialectical dialectics. 3
Bogdanov. The doctrine on reflexes and the mysteries of primitive thinking. 67
V. Volgin. Socialism in ancient Greece 97
A. Prigozhisch Gracchus Babeuf - herald of the dictatorship of the working people. . 117
D. Kuzovkov. Prospects of monetary circulation in the near period 170
B. Vejts. On the question on study method of the dynamics of the value composition of capital. 213

II Transcripts of the reports, read in Komm. Academy.
G. Charazov. Mathematical criticism of the theory of relativity. 258

III. Bibliography
E. Pashukanis. The bourgeois state and the sovereignty problem. 300
S. Bazykin. The agrarian question. Agricultural Economics. 313
Editorial 330
Reisner. 330 Letter to the Editor

E. Skazin. Towards a bibliography of the uprising of 14 December 1825 334
M. Drej. Attempt to bibliography of literature on the history of the revolutionary movement of the 70's (Populist). 355

Issue 11

Reports of Lenin's memory.

E Preobrazhensky. Marx and Lenin. 3
V. Milutin. Scientific communist thought without Lenin 14
L. Kritsman. Lenin and the path to socialism 22
L. Rudasch. Lenin and the task of Marxists-Leninists in Europe 28

I. Articles.
Litvinov. On Lenin's theory of imperialism and the theory of accumulation of Rosa Luxemburg (the question about the causes of World War I) 36
V. Keller. The least productive mine and the value of money metal 73
P. Vinogradskaja. Relations between Marx and Lassalle (In their correspondence) 88
R. Averbuch. The terrorist regime in France in the years 1793-94 165
I. Weinstein. Arts and organizational theory 204
E. Preobrazhensky. Once again on socialist accumulation (answer to comrade Bukharin) 223

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in the Comm. Academy.
Stepanov-Skortsov. What is political economy? 257
Plenium on the report of Stepanov-Skvortsov 292

III. Criticism and bibliography.
Leontiev. Was there a nationalization of Russian capital during the War 347
R. Jakub. Concerning one book. (Svjatlovsky, V.V. "History of the professional movement in Russia. - From the emergence of the working class until the end of 1917") 372

IV. Chronicle.
Minutes of general meeting of members of the Communist Academy 29/XI 1924 380
Works of the library of the Communist Academy for budget year 1923/24 403

Issue 12

Presidency. Com. Academy. Ju. Ju. Marchlewski 5
Varsky, A. Julian Marchlewski 7
Preobrazhensky, E. Socialist and communist representations about socialism. . 19
Poznyakov V. On the problem of skilled labor (Qualified labor in socialist society) 76
Smith, M. Structure of fixed capital and production costs. 89
Meerson G. Boom of Russian industry and the curve of capitalist development (methodological essay) 127
Volin, V. Socialism in ancient Greece (second essay) 140
Weinstein, I. Organizational experience, or overcoming philosophy. 174
Schaksel Ju. Vitalistic wanderings in modern biology. . 208

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in Com. Academy.
Pokrovsky, M. New data on Pugachev (report of the meeting of Society of Marxist Historians at Com. Academy) 219
Friche, B. Freudianism and art (report and debate) 236
Charazov, T. Small principle of relativity (report and debate). 265

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Vanag, H, Is the theory of nationalization of Russian capitalism rehabilitated (answer to c. Leontiev) 327
Preobrazhensky, E. Hermann Levy "Die Grundlagen der Weltwirtschaft" 350
Pashukanis, E., Review of main directions in French literature of state law 353

IV. Chronicle
Minutes of general meeting of members of the Communist Academy 363
The work plan of the Section of Natural and Exact Sciences 390

V. Appendix.
Morochovets E. Attempt to bibliography on the history of the peasant movement 393
S. Kaplun Condition of the working class 404

Issue 13

Preobrazhensky, E. Socialist and communist representation about socialism. French syndicalism
Meerson, G. Early bourgeois revolution in Russia (Pugachevschina). 34
Leontiev, A. Toward the question of the historical framework theoretical economics 108
Efimov, A. "Productive forces". (Attempt to study the term) 120
Rajnov, T. Alienating activity (sociological essays). 138
Zeitlin, Z. The problem of universal gravitation 166

From the works of the Section of natural and exact sciences of the Comm. Academy
Fesenkoe V. Astronomical proof of the principle of relativity
Ljusternik, L. Toward the question of foundation of Analysis and Geometry Situation
without theory of set (Summary report, read on world congress of math. in Danzig)

II. Transcripts reports read in the Comm. Academy
Pokrovsky, M. Who led the village revolution of 1905
P. Stuchka Proletarian court and bourgeois law
Preobrazhensky, E. Economics, finance and politics of modern France

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Friche, V. Arithmetic sociology of art. (F. I. Shmidt. - Art. Basic problems of theory and history)

IV. Chronicle
Considerations about the nature of the work of the Psychoneurologist department of the Section of Natureal and Exact Sciences of the C.A.

Appendix V.
Bibliography of Radishchev 289

Issue 14

Preobrazhensky, E. - Law of value ​​in soviet economy 3
Ivanov, I., Essays on technology 65
Rajnov, T. - Alienating activity (sociological essays) 77
Bammel, G. - The materialist system of Democritus 112
Charazov, G. Small principle of relativity. Part II. Criticism of the theory of electromagnetism 144
Volkenschtejn V. - Drama, as reflexive depiction of purpose 163

From the works of the Section of natural and exact sciences.
Navaschin, M. - The origin of life in the light of cytological study 170

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in Com. Academy.
Kritsman, L. - Class differentiation of the peasantry in modern Soviet countryside (report and debate) 184
Zavadovsky, B. Darwinism and Marxism (report and debate) 226

III. Criticism and bibliography.
Matsa, I. Above materialist theory of art (Lu Märten. Wesen und Veränderung der Formen - Künste) 275

Letter to the Editor. Kamensky, A. On the "fix" of comrade Efimov 291

Rozanov, Ja. - Literature on the main questions of law and state in Marxist light 293
Mandelstam, R. - Bibliography of Radishchev 312

Issue 15

Friche, V. - Tasks and problems of sociology of art 3
Alter, I.- Evolution of W. Sombart and fascism 18
Rajnov, T. - Alienating activity (sociological essays) 60
Lunacharsky, A.- One of the shifts in art 85

From the works of the Section of natural and exact sciences.
Rubinstein, D. - Physico-chemical environment 108
Birman, B. - Hypnotism in the light of the theory of conditioned reflexes 135

Transcripts of reports.
Plenum on the report of comrade Preobrazhensky "Law of value in soviet economy" 155
Closing remarks of comrade Preobrazhensky 232

III. Criticism and bibliography.
Tomsinsky, S. - Toward the question of the social nature of Russian autocracy (M. Pokrovsky -Marxism and particular historical development of Russia. Also his. - The Japanese War (coll. "1905" vol. I)... 256
Pokrovsky, M. - Answer to comrade Tomsinsky 285
Chernjavsky, I. - Economy and Society ("Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft", a collection of articles dedicated to Fr. Oppenheimer) 301
Bammel, G.- Dialectics of Nature of Engels and the fate of the philosophy of natural sciences ("Archives of Marx and Engels," ed. D. Rjazanov, Vol. 2) 309

IV. Chronicle.
A brief report on the activities of the Communist Academy in 1925 ... 326

Mandelschtam, R. - Bibliography of Radishchev 340

Issue 16

Kritsman, L. - Capitalism and technical progress (Toward the question on the movement of productive forces of capitalism) 3
Bljumin, I. - On the mathematical method in political economy 49
Fischgendler, A. League of Nations on Soviet co-operation 91
Akad. Marr, N. Toward the question on primitive thinking in connection with language, in light of A.A. Bogdanov 133
Milonov, K. - Against mechanical worldview. 140

From the work of the Section of natural and exact sciences
Chinchin, A. Idea of intuitionism and the struggle for the subject in modern mathematics. 184
Vygotsky, M. - Plato, as mathematician 193

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in the Comm. Academy
Miljutin, V., On the problem of disproportion and pace of economic development of the USSR
(Report and discussion) 216

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Leontiev, A. - On modern directions in German theoretical-economic literature 262
Pereverzev V. - Plekhanov, in the book of Sakulin (P.N. Sakulin, Sociological method in literary criticism) 273

IV. chronicle
Plenary meeting of Comm. Academy (June 15, 1926) 281

Chentsov, N. - Anniversary literature about the Decembrists (Bibliographical index.). 305

Issue 17

Prof. P. Kamerer (obituary)

Kritsman, L. - Capitalism and technical progress (continued)
Preobrazhensky, E. Problem of economic equilibrium under concrete capitalism and in the Soviet system
Bljumin, I. - Mathematical methods in political economy (conclusion)
Timiryazev, A. - Whether modern natural science resurrects the mechanical materialism of the XVIII century
Friche, V. - The problems of sociological poetics

II. Transcripts of reports read in the Comm. Academy
Miljutin V. - The prospects of economic development of the USSR (Control figures of Gosplan)
The debate on the report of V. Miljutin (comrades Dvolajtsky, Kraval, Preobrazhensky, Pyatakov, Radek, Radek, Smilga, Strumilin, Sten et al.) 195
Concluding remarks of V. Miljutin 269

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Meerson, D. - Finn-Enotaevsky. About the boom of industry in Russia of 1910-1913 (Anti-critique)
Kon, A. - R. Luxembourg. Introduction to Political Economy
Leontiev, A. Renner, "The theory of capital economy. - Marxism and the problems of socialization
Dmitriev, D. - Spinoza. The principles of the philosophy of Descartes. Translated from Latin, with a foreword by G. Tymjansky 293
Egorshin, V. Denis Diderot. Selected works

IV. Chronicle
The activities of the Communist Academy for January-June 1926 (Overview) 301

Theoretical work of communists (1925)

Issue 18

Ch. Rakovsky. - Leonid Borisovich Krasin

To the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Bakunin
Steklov, Ju. - What separates and unites us with Bakunin
Polonsky, V. - Bakunin-Jacobin

I. Articles
Preobrazhensky, E. - Economic equibrilium under concrete capitalism and in the system of the USSR.
Paschkov, A. - The organic composition of capital
Leontiev, A. - Post-war social democracy and the problem of the state
Milonov, K. - Against the mechanical worldview
Zalmanzon, A. - In defense of objectivity directions in psychology

II. Transcripts of reports read in the Comm. Academy
Kritsman, L. - Falling rate of profit and technical progress
Plenum on the report of cmd. Kritsman (Comrades Strumilin, Schatunovskii, Bazarov, Weitz, Bojarsky, Smit)
Concluding words of L.N. Kritsman

III Reviews and Bibliography
Schiller, F. - Marxism, psychoanalysis and art. (About the book of Rolad-Holst-Van der Schalk. Over leven en schoonheid. Opstellen over aesthetische en ethische onderwerpen. Arnhem. 1925)
Chmelnitskaja, E. - S.V. Bernstein-Kogan. "Introduction to economics of industry" TSUP of Supreme Economic Council of the USSR in 1926 p. 21). A.M. Ginzburg - "Economics of industry" Part one. - Industry and its organizational forms. Part two - The production process and its elements. Also his "Economics of industry". Course of lectures, read at Moscow Courses of Red Directors
Leontiev, A. - Ju. Mitljansky. Money circulation and trade
Dmitriev, G. - A. Varjsch. History of Modern Philosophy
Sakulnn, P. - Reply to V.F. Pereverzev
Pereverzev, V. - Concerning the reply of P.N. Sakulin

Chentsov, N. Anniversary literature about the Decembrists 287

Issue 19

Pokrovsky, M. Lenin and foreign policy 3
Deborin, A. - Mechanists in the fight against the dialectic 21
Pashukanis, E. Toward a characterization of fascist dictatorship 62
Bljumin, I.- The theory of Cournot 92
Chmelnitskaja, E - Planned regulation in the military sector of Germany. 137
Grossman-Roshchin I. - Thoughts on Lenin 165
Fogaraschi, A. - From the history of dialectics in the XIX century 178

II. Transcripts of reports read in the Comm. Academy
Mestergazi, M. Epigenesis and genetics 137
Plenum on the report of M. Mestergazi (Volotskoj M., Duchinsky F., Kostminsky P., Levit S., Serebrovskii A., Speklov V.) 222
Closing remarks of M. Mestergazi 230

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Kon, A. - Great Soviet Encyclopedia, volumes I -V. Economic part 234
Nagiev, Dzh. - I. Luppol - Lenin and Philosophy. Toward the question on the relation of philosophy to revolution 244
Mitin, M. - Between spiritualism and materialism. (About the philosophical collection "Paths of Realism") 240
Sapir, I. - E. Krechmer, - "Medical psychology". Russian translation from the third German edition 258

IV. chronicle
Statutes of the Communist Academy under the USSR Central Executive Committee 269

Chentsov, N. Anniversary literature about the Decembrists (conclusion) 277

Issue 20

On the 250th anniversary of the death of Benedict Spinoza
Deborin, A. - Worldview of Spinoza 5
Thalheimer, A. - Class relations and class struggle in the Netherlands during the life of Spinoza 30
Skurer, K. - Spinoza and dialectical materialism 50

I. Articles
Smit, M. Dialectics of number (elements of formal logic and dialectics in statistical theory) 75
Bljumin, I.- The theory of Cournot (continued) 96
Leontiev, A. - Problems of socialist transformation of the economy (in German literature on socialization) 130
Wittfogel, A. - Problems of economic history of China 168
Ilyinsky, V. - Toward the question of the philosophical and sociological views of N.G. Chernyshevsky (letters from Astrakhan) 202

II. Transcripts of reports read in the Communist Academy
Volotskoj, M. Controversial issues of eugenics 212
The debate on the report of M. Volotskoj (comrades Ponjatsky, Mestergazi, Faddeev,
Batkis, Serebrovskij, Andreev, Smirnov, Abrahamov, Schmidt) 232
Closing remarks of M. Volotskoj 249

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Podvolotsky I. - "Dialectics in nature" (to the publication of the second collection "Dialectics in nature. Collection on Marxist methodology of natural science") 255
Sidorov, A. - Great Soviet Encyclopedia (historical part). 274
Nusinov, I. - Keltujala V.A. - "The historical-materialist study of literary work." Coop. Publishing house "Sovremenik", 1926. 278

IV. Chronicle
Plenum of the Communist Academy (verbatim record) 287

Morochovets, E. Attempt to bibliography on the history of the peasant movement in Russia (XVIII century) 318

Letter to the Editor 335

Issue 21

M.P. Pavlovich-Veltman 3
A.V. Ivanov 6
V. Z. Tudov 8

I. Articles
Friche, V. The problem of the dialectical development of art 10
Brudnyi, M. Critical notes (against Rubin's interpretation of Marx's theory of value) 23
Leikin, E. Assumptions of Marx's theory of credit 58
Korsuneky, A. Mathematical exercises of the critics of Marx 85
Alter, I. Rosa Luxemburg in the struggle against reformism 113
Bernstein, A. Productive forces as the main category of Marx's theory of historical materialism 169
Oparin, A. Chemical theory of the origin of life 229

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in the Communist Academy
Bogdanov, A. The limits of scientific reasoning 244
The debate on the report of A. Bogdanov (comrades Schatunovskij, Karev, Asmus, Weinstein, Bammel, Kan) 263
Closing Remarks - A. Bogdanov 283

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Poznyakov V. - I. Rubin. Modern economists in the West 291
Chichikalov, A. - S. Vasiliev. Philosophy and its problems 294
Agol, I. Medical and dialectical materialism. Proceedings of the Society of materialists doctors 1 M.G.U., second pub. 298

Issue 22

Pokrovsky, M. About the activity of Communist Academy 5
Preobrazhensky, E. The economic equilibrium in the system of the USSR 19
Granovsky, E. Foreign capital in the system of monopoly capitalism in Russia 72
Asmus, V. Logical reform of Bogdanov (on the report of A. Bogdanov "The limits of scientific reasoning") 122
Efimov, A. Productive forces and the dialectic of their development 145
Frankfurt, Yu. - Plekhanov about dialectics in psychology 186
Uchtomsky, A. The dominant as a factor of behavior 215

Reviews and Bibliography
Lelevich, G. Militant idealism at the front of literature
(B. Ejchenbaum - "Literatura." "Priboj", 1927) 243
Mikhailov, A. - D. Nedovich. "Tasks of art criticism" - "Questions of the theory of spatial arts." G.A.CH.N., 1927 253
Milon K. Boris Ruda. On the Road to the materialism of the XX century.
Marx and Aristotle. Marx and Eynnpeyn 262

Theoretical work of communists in 1926 (Bibliographic materials) 269

Issue 23

Miljutin, V. Results of the economic development of the USSR and prospects of socialist construction 5
Ugarov A. The problem of world economy 23
Bljumin, I. The theory of Walras 68
Ejdelnant, A. Cantillon as theoretist of reproduction. (Toward a history of the "Economic Table" of Quesnay). 120
Zeitlin, Z. Mathematical methods in political economy and in natural sciences 149
Karev, N. Hegelian dialectic in the evaluation of the young Marx 166
Fogarashi, A. Philosophy of fiction 184

Rosenzweig, B. Main issues pf neurodynamics 190
Serebrovskij, A. Fifth International Genetic Congress 212

II. Transcripts of the reports, read in the Comm. Academy
Borovsky, V. Brain and human behavior 227

III. - Reviews and Bibliography
Asmus, W. Wilhelm von Humboldt's philosophy of language in the interpretation of prof. G. Schpet 250
Lentsner, N. - Jakobin, G. "The political development of modern Germany." "Priboj". 1927. 266
Blyumin, Alfred Ammon "Grundzüge der Volkswohlstandslehre Erster Teil. Also by him Objekt und Grundbegriffe der theoretischen Nationalökonomie 275
Mikhailov, A. Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Volumes I-VII. Section of art 279
Zeitlin. Z. "Vorlesungen über Atommechanik". Berlin 1925.
Also of his Probleme der Atomdynamik. Berlin. 1926 284

Issue 24

Deborin, A. The October Revolution and dialectical materialism. 5
Telezhnikov, F. The problem of causality in terms of dialectical materialism 20
Dynnik, M. The instrumentalism of John Dewey, 74

Blyumin, I. The theory of Walras (conclusion) - 90
Chmelnytskaja, E. State-monopoly capitalism (Germany of 1914-1918) 137

Zalmanzon, A. Theory of conditioned reflexes according to Pavlov's book "Lectures on big brain hemispheres." 166
Lichtenbaum, L. Toward the question of numbers of measurements 184

II. - Transcripts of the reports, read in the Comm. Academy
Luppol, I. Paths of philosophical thought in the USSR 207
Bammel, G. Immediate problems of materialist dialectics. 215
Inaugural meeting of the 35th anniversary of Gorky's literary activities (with the participation of comrades Friche V.M., Kogan P.S., Pereverzev V.F., Gorbov D.A., Nusinov I., Bespalov, Kubikov
and others.)

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Sokolsky, L. - Ju. Girsh "Economics of trade" 275
Ragolsky, M. - F. Bogdanov, B. Ruskin and V. Lavrentev. "Theory of credit'' 280
Telezhnikov, F. - I. Weinstein. "Organizational theory and dialectial materialism" 288
Chichikalov, A. "Foundations of materialist dialectics." I. Engels. Compiled by V.O. Klemm. Preface by A.I. Varjash. . . 294
Vladimirov, A. - Leonid Rajskij. Social views of the Petrashevskyists. 301

IV. Chronicle
Organization of the cabinet for the Study of the History of Science at the Section of natural and exact sciences at the Comm. Academy 304

Issue 25

Lunacharsky, A. - Ethics and aesthetics of Chernyshevsky before the court of the present.
Milonov K. - Hegel and materialism 1
Kafafova, E. - The problem of productive forces in the theory of Marx-Engels 30
Vajsberg, R. - Economic thought in the USSR in the coverage of "Soviet" bourgeoisie 79
Matsa, I. - Toward the question of a Marxist formulation of the problem of style 96

II.Transcripts of reports read in the Communist Academy
Asmus, V. - Dialectics in Descartes's system116
The debate on the report of V. Asmus (Comrades Dmitriev G., Weinstein I., Furschik and Zeitlin Z.) 145
Closing remarks of V. Asmus 170
Smirnov, E. - New data on the hereditary influence of environment and modern Lamarckism 183
The debate on the report of E.S. Smirnov (Comrades Serebrovskii A., Kuzin B., Levine M., Vermel Yu., Volotsky M., Ezhikov I., Levit S.) 197
Closing remarks of E. Smirnov 210

III. - Reviews and Bibliography
Abezgauz, G., Dukor, G., Notkin, A. - Some questions of political economy in lighting of comrade A. Kon 214
Kon, A. - Some observations of my critics in the light of Marx's theory 256
Mikhailov, A.- The new "sociology" of art (on the book by F.I. Schmit: "Subject and sociological boundaries of art") 280
Ljusternik, L. - Application of general geometry (Geometry "functional dimension. On the work Courant) 288

Issue 26

A.A. Bogdanov (Malinovsky) V

Pokrovsky, M., Social sciences in the USSR after 10 years 3
Mikhalevsky, F. - Credit theory of Schumpeter and Hahn 31
Spektator - Toward a theory of agrarian crises 54
Bychovskij, B. - Psychophysical teachings of Thomas Hobbes 80
Okun, M. - On the spirit of Marxism and its letter 113
Frankfurt, Yu. - The mechanistic "spirit" revises the psychological views of the founders of Marxism 125
Fursikov, D., Toward the question of the study of the functions of the cerebral cortex. 140
Gurevich, M. - Toward the question of the relationship between morphology and physiology of the brain 144
Birman, B. - Theoretical foundations of psychotherapy in the light of the doctrine of conditioned reflexes. 152
Oparin, A. - Chemical foundations of the respiratory process 174

Reviews and Bibliography
Kapitonov, I. - A. Gertsenshtein. Theory of the capitalist market. . 189
Chermensky, B. Mitchell. "Business cycle". New York 1927 192
Raltsevich, V. A. Toporkov. Elements of dialectical logic 199
Stychkin, B. - A. Varjash. Dialectics in Lenin 208

General meeting (plenum) members of Comm. Academy March 20, 1928. 213
Letter to the Editor 216
Index to the journal "Vestnik of the Communists Academy" for the years 1923-27 217
First All-Union Conference of Marxist-Leninist Scientific research institutions 239

Issue 27

A. S. Mendelssohn - Problem of conjuncture (toward the question on Marxist theory of conjuncture) 3
E. Bregel - Form and function of credit in capitalist economy. 24
G. Abezgauz., G. Dukor and A. Notkin - Light of Marx's theory in curved mirror
F. Gorokhov, The question of the dialectic of productive forces and their development 101
M. Mironov, Modern views of Kautsky on revolution 135
Yu. Steklov - I. G. Chernyshevsky and the revolutionary movement of the 60s. . 173
D. Grave - Principles of Mechanics 212
A. Cholschevnikov - Sets and continuity 220

Transcripts of reports, read in Com. Academy.
Clara Zetkin - On problems of women's movement section 240

Reviews and Bibliography
A. Ostretsov - On the tasks of the Marxist study of the history of music. According to the book of S.M. Chemodanov- "The history of music in relation to history of social development" 252
B. Egorshin- "Dialectics in nature" collection nr. 3. 269
A. Romanskij - Hobson. "The export of capital" 282
First All-Union Conference of Marxist-Leninist Scientific research institutions (verbatim) (End). . 289

Issue 28

M.A. Rejsner
Pokrovsky, M. - Ten years of Communist Academy 7
Guberman, S. Problem of conjuncture under conditions of monopoly capitalism, 21
Leikin, E., Marx's teaching on the structure of the credit system 75
Safarov, G., Toward the question of dialectics as a theory of knowledge 114
Lebedev, V. - The dialectic of the productive forces in Marx and Engels. 165
Manelis, B. - School of free law and its place in bourgeois-legal science 199

II. Transcripts of reports read in the Comm. Academy
Rjazanova, A., Tendencies in the development of women's work 232

III. Reviews and Bibliography
Aptekar, V. - On the road to a Marxist linguistics (N. Ja. Marr, Yaffe's theory. General course on study of language) 254

Issue 29

Miljutin, V. - M.N. Pokrovsky 3
Lunacharsky, A. - On the anniversary of Pokrovsky 9
Volgin, V. Socialism and egalitarianism 13
Bogdanov, V. - Notes on the theory of money in Marx 28
Razumovsky I.- "Latest discoveries of Karl Kautsky" 80
Asmus, V. - Dialectic and antinomy of Kant 107
Zeitlin, Z. - The principles of the mechanical worldview of L. Boltzmann. 165
Meshchaninov, I. - About prehistoric migration of peoples
Mikhailov, A. Some questions about Marxist study of art 239

Reviews and Bibliography
Ajchenzald, A. - M. Spektator. Introduction in study of the world economy. Attempt in building a theory of world economy 270
Dmitriev-Keld, I. - Ethnic or mystical psychology (Gustav Schpet. Introduction in ethnic psychology) 280

Issue 30

M. Pokrovsky, Ivan Skvortsov-Stepanov 3
Krivtsov St. - I.I. Skvortsov-Stepanov. 7
A. Lunacharsky - Chernyshevsky as a writer 17
V. Kirpotin - The materialism of Chernyshevsky 41
E. Lejkin - Economic views of Chernyshevsky. 55
Granovsky E. - Toward to a theory of conjuncture of "Soviet" bourgeois economists 85
Rudasch L., On the origin of Greek philosophy 127
Telezhnikov F. Dürkheim on the subject and method of sociology 159

Transcripts of reports, read in the Communist Academy and its sections
Novitsky, P. Sociology anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre. 189

Reviews and Bibliography
Leontiev - From contemporary German literature on rationalization of economy (bibliographical review) 204
Rosenberg S. - I. A. Trachtenberg. Modern credit and its organization. 212
Telezhnikov F. On foreign sociological journals 219
Spektator M. - Two comments concerning the review of c. Eichenwald. 226
A. Eichenwald - Concerning the "two comments" of c. Spektator 228

Pokrovksy M. - report on visit in Oslo, 231
Pashukanis E. - Week of Soviet historians in Berlin 238
Activities of the Communist Academy
Philosophical encyclopedia

Issue 31

Podvelotsky, I. Lenin's summary of "Science of Logic" and the problem of materialist-dialectics. III
Leikin, E. Economic views of Chernyshevsky 1
Pereverzev, V. Theoretical background of Pisarevs's criticism 35
Gurevich, M. On the biological conception of psychopathy 47

Kazanskij, B. Creative criticism or the creation of critics 55
Lebedev, V. On some questions of the theory of historical materialism and their interpretation
by comrade Razumovsky 88
Razumovsky, I. In the wilds of mechanistic criticism 104

Dimanshtein, S. Problems of national culture and cultural construction in national republics 113
Furschik, M. The "Marxism" of Kautsky 144

Arutyunyants, A. -I. Ja. Weinstein. Hegel, Marx and Lenin
Chichikalov, A. - A. Thalheimer. Introduction to dialectical materialis 179
Mikhailov, A., Works of the Institute of Archaeology and Art RANION. 185

Lenin and arts.
(Foreword V.M. Friche. Reports of A. Mikhailov, I. Nusinov, A. Sidorov, A. Bakushinsky and Arsharun) 192
At the Geneva diplomatic conference on economic statistics (Report M.N. Smit). 223
Activities of the Communist Academy
1. Reports 229
2. In the presidium and sections 238
Articles of Society of militant materialist dialecticians (OVMD).

Issue 32

Deborin, A. Contemporary problems of Marxist philosophy
Podvolotsky, I. Lenin's summary of "Science of Logic", and the problem of materialist dialectic
Sharija, P. A new kind of eclecticism under the banner of a new philosophical system. . .
Rozovskii, L. Rodbertus as theorist of rent

Trachtenberg, I. The theory of modern credit (report and debate)
Varjash E. The economic program of the International Cooperative Alliance.

II ALL-UNION CONFERENCE of Marxist-Leninist scientific-research institutions.
Adoratsky, V. On Lenin's writings on philosophy
On the work of the Marxist-Leninist research institutions (Reports of Pokrovsky, Milutin, Saveliev, Pozern, Vikulov, Kamyshan and Senkevich)
Conference Resolution.

Mankovsky. A. Deborin. Dialectics and natural science.
Telezhnikov, F. Oranskij. Basic questions of Marxist sociology.
G. Abezgauz, G. Dukor and A. Notkin Instead of an answer (letter to the editor)

Issue 33

Rejsner M., Ideology and politics
Raltsevich V., Empiricism and dialectics
Frankfurt Yu., On the difference between psychology and ideology
S. Novikov, The Austro-Marxist conception of the October Revolution
Kelda I., Toward the problem of the origin of language
Englender, Böhm-Bawerk and Marx. Introductory remarks of I. Rubin.
Ja. Zacher, Jean Varlet until 9 Thermidor

Gindin I., Some results in the domain of financial capitalism in Russia

Vinogradskaja P., A. Klots
Ivanov L., Anglo-American rivalry
Dashevskij G. Expansion of United States in Latin America
Fajngar I. On the May events in connection with the economic situation of Germany.
Ludwig A. Capitalist rationalization and women's labour

Grebenev K., Critical notes. A. Deborin. Essays on historical materialism of the XVII and XVIII centuries
Telezhnikov F. On foreign sociological journals

Activities of the Communist Academy
Torbek G. Work plenum, presidium, sections and institutes
Guidelines for the compilation of the Academy's work plan
Resolution of the C.C. VKP(b) on activities for strengthening scientific works
Wolfson S, Scientific work of the Marxists in Belarus
Ukrainian society "Militant materialist dialectic."

D.S. Fursikov (obituary and portrait)

Issue 34

Pokrovsky M. - V.M. Friche 3

Pashukanis E. - Colonial policy and its latest apologists 7
Bobrovnikov N. On one revision of Marxist dialectics 19
Atlas Z.- Money market and contradictions of bank credit 41
Balkov V. Pseudo-sociological theory of crises of Heinrich 75
Akselrod-Orthodox L. Aesthetics of Chernyshevsky 104
Zalmanzon A.- Against eclectic direction in psychology 141

REPORTS Komakademii
Dynnik M. Hegel's doctrine on chance 163
Kvitko D. - Problems of space, time and matter in the neo-realist Aleksander 195
Dimanshtein S. - About the Menshevik platform on the national question. . 218

Reports in the Commission on the history of religion Komakademii
Preobrazhensky P.- Main problem of the origin of religious forms 229
Rozhitsin V. - Socio-economic bases of mythology 238
Overview reports subsection of materialist linguistics 243

Grebenev K. "Dialectics in nature" (collection IV) for Marxist methodology of natural sciences 246

The activities of the Communist Academy 255

Issue 35–36

Lunacharsky, A. Friche - Art critic. 3
Pereverzev, V. The Literary ideas V.M. Friche 14
Nusinov, I. Life path of V.M. Friche 24

Telezhnikov, F. Sociology of Worms (The theory of society of R. Worms in light of contemporary sociology) 38
Rudasch V., Mechanistic and dialectical theory of causality (Theory of causality of c. Bukharin) 66
Dmitriev, G. Logic of Hegel and logic of Marxism 86
Brushlinsky, V. On the category of measure in Hegel 114
Mikhalevsky, F. On credit connections in real capitalism and in the economy of USSR 128
Atlas, Z. Money market and contradictions bank credit 150
Kornilov, K. and Frankfurt, Yu. Objective or Marxist direction in psychology 181
Mikhailov, A. About revisionism and eclecticism in art 205

REPORTS Komakademii

in the Institute of Philosophy
Krivtsov, S. Razumovesky, I. Critique of theorethical bases of Bukharin conception of historical materialism. 227
Plenium on the reports. 242
Speech of Podvolotsky 280

in the Institute of World Economy and World Politics
Discussion about "organized capitalism" 297
Sternberg, F. Imperialism and crises 319

In the society of Marxist historians
Artsikhovsky, A new method in archeology 322
Krivtsov, S. Past and Present 326

Chaidar, V. National interrelations in Palestine and English imperialism 329

Ochitovich, M. Socialist mode of settlement and socialist type of housing 334

in the SECTION of natural and exact sciences
Rejch, Psychoanalysis as a natural science discipline 345

B.L. - Henryk Grossman. The law of accumulation and collapse of the capitalist system (at the same time also a crisis theory) 351
Seid-Hussein, A. On one idealistic conception (I. Davydov. Abstract labor in Marx's doctrine of value) 366
Arutjunjants, A. Nik. Karev. For materialist dialectics 372
Levin, Ja. How not to deal with mechanists (I.F. Kurazov. Historical materialism) 374

E. V. Training of scientists cadres and the Academy of Sciences 381
Torbek, G. In the Communist Academy 386
Admission of graduate students in the Communist Academy

Scanned table of contents of Вестник Коммунистической академии 1922–29, nr. 1–36 (nr. 8 lacks):


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