Le Pen or Macron: plague or cholera for the working-class in France and Europe

Plague or cholera.
Plague or cholera.

The French presidential election in 2017 marks a profound change in the European political situation and the approach; generalized crisis in political dominance of ruling classes and political elites over social fabric.

Submitted by hamid.moradei on May 7, 2017

Le pen or Macron; Plague or cholera for majority of population and the proletariat in France and Europe

The French general election, is a crystallized reflection of the ravaging political crisis within the ruling classes and consequently its political-ideological elites in France and in rest of the (Western) Europe. : The "new" fraction is building a round of the so-called pro globalist, a "global state-governing structure", of entire planet competing with "anti globalist", a semi nationalist approach to deal with political economy, are in an internal deadly class struggle to defeat, and if possible to kill each other; all available means are allowed to finish off internal class competitions.

From a socioeconomic view, neither fraction is able to resolve the problems related to the growth and profitability measurements in economics, that has disestablished the "world order", as a whole, since emergence of the financial crisis in the main center of capitalism, the US in 2008.

The non-disappearing impacts of crisis in economics, attached to the system's inner core operation, i.e., the tendency of capital accumulation (production of surplus vale, transformation of surplus vale to capital...) towards a moment of nullification, before it returns back to full working state; massive destruction of already accumulated capital in the forms of constant and variable capital. Capitalism with total imperialist mode of operation has transformed the world to a unified production plant and distributing-consuming network, from Gaza in Palestine to Detroit in America carries capitalism's transparent global logo and, at the same time, signs of general breakdown; crisis in every domain, including the planet Earth.

Implication in this context is clear, sooner or later, the invisible force of the labor law of value has to synthesize the labor market, and so the labor cost on global level; The labor theory of value-with a globalized content-will conquer eventually capitalism's final calculations in bookkeeping rules. This is the real point of attraction, politico calculus and differential equations for "neoliberalism-globalist vision of paving the way for a total free capital circulation on global scale, in parallel with the socio economic and political forced globalized procedure of labor power: How to align two main different living standards for proletarian class that exists between "North" and "South" (in main China, India... as reference point).

Imperialist tensions

Other imperialist network led by Russia and China, for the benefit and interest of their own state-capital composition are not sharing the vision of a "global state/governance" at the moment; Russia and China as a main imperialist force/network against this US and Europe led globalization of political-economic structures are well aware of imperialist aims of “western” globalization; total takeover of all markets including the capital-labor markets.

The political-ideological organized break, between “West” and “East”, in terms of imperialist state powers mirrored on broken reflexes in political spectrum, in right to left of capitalist establishment; The question of imperialist tension in Europe summarized, by the US/EU, in connectivity with Russia, personified in Putin. French state-capital politics that is highly sensitive to the perspective of the EU and to the “Russian threat” is divided in best caste, if not broken.

However, for French state-capital hierarchical composition with all its political formations, its vital to save its own skin in an age of global capital, with forced collective imperialist implications, and the EU structure already in a state of organizational crisis. French ruling class/elites, who in the bottom of its heart still believes that “Europe is France and Germany; the rest are just the trimmings”.(Charles de Gaulle) and have already established an EU structure in Brussels, which became “unexpectedly” dominated by the rival German state-capital structure, it is a great dilemma how to approach issues related to the EU.

On the context of this genuinely imperialist view on managing real problems, i.e. migrant issues, tensions with the Russian imperialist network..., in EU, ruling and political classes from the right to left (leftism) fragmented and divided on one of the key issues; how to dismantle the remaining of the so-called “welfare state, social safety net” after decades of post-Cold War era. A fraction of majority in the state-capital establishment (right to left), politically identifies itself with political –ideological articulation, forwarded by the globalist imperialism; that is forced changes in worldwide configuration of labor market differences, problematic of existing boarders from “ancient” nation-state era...

Right to left of state-capital structure and workers not as a class

Demolishing the rest of remainings in ”welfare state” (semi- safety network in social benefits, … for the proletariat in general and rest of the population that is related to labor-capital antagonist relation) is aimed to leveling labor cost differences between geographically and politically separate labor markets, derived from the present imperialist network allocations; China, Russia, India… on one pole and, in main, the old “West” capitalist center. "Globalism" overt or covert is an ideological umbrella for organizing all political forces of world state- capital compositions from the old political conservative formations to the left; from the large social Democrat parties to part of traditional Anarchism.

In confronting this politico-legal and ideological world-wide machinery, part of the old traditional -“far-right”- political formations (Le Pen in France, …) which is by, virtue not capable or willing to join this large block of globalist vision of a world dominance, through “united imperialist strategy”. However, the united attack on workers living conditions and on labor market (aligning production costs between “North” and “South”) from a globalist approach to deal with the crisis in capitalism (question on profitability, economic output, Imperialist maneuvers …) is naturally causing resistance and disturbances among populations in general and in hearts and minds of working people; The French spring 2016, with mass street demonstrations nationwide was just a glimpse of what proletariat’s class struggle could offer in confronting the systemic crisis.

This is the entry point for the “far right” of capital to get in touch with “masses” and more particularly with workers who are aware of the consequences, in ideological war against class interests and rights of working population: The social cost of massive migration waves and deterioration of living conditions, i.e. negativity of massive allocation of people due to imperialist wars, regional destructions, endless regional crisis, on of massive immigration is planned to be paid by working class in general; weakening or disappearance of social safety net, continued sinking living standard…

In the context of energizing systemic right to left in political articulations, the reintroduction of ideological instrument of racism in the western political spectrum, with Trump’s presidential issue in the US, meant to cannibalize the political power struggle, internally within ruling classes. This is to make the globalist fraction/vision to succeed in galvanizing processes such as labor markets alignment, by crashing or passivizing all resistance from the workers and population, and at the same time defeating or isolating the “far-right”, with ideological reproduction of racism/anti racism, fascism/anti-fascism, human rights, either for or against immigrants...

In this context, an ideological commodity and societal-political artifact was crafted by French (and EU) capital-state establishment; Emmanuel Macron. Thus, the traditional election box entertainments charged with inter class imposed of ideological power struggles, which is in essence aiming at squeezing workers for voting; alienation related to self/class-deception. However, for workers and majority of population, it does not really matter, which fraction, Le pen or Macron (racism/anti-racism, Fascism/anti-fascism, “far-right”/”social-liberal”...) wins this duel. But the western state-capital structures, as an imperialist network (French, EU, part of US…) have decided to pull out Macron from the ballot box; for strengthening the “western” imperialist network, and taking over the global market shares from rival Russian/Chinese imperialist network. This means, the proletariat shall stand for the cheap labor power and, if necessary, blood for maintenance of the existing capitalist world order, which is not going to resolve the crisis, caused by the capitalist production system in setting up the ecological and social reproduction.

Hamid Moradei
May 6, 2017