In letters of blood and fire - George Caffentzis

This is a baby. In Space. Rock it, baby. Rock it.

A collection of essays by George Caffentzis.

Submitted by Pennoid on September 23, 2013

Part One: Work/Refusal
The Work/Energy Crisis and the Apocalypse
Mormons in Space (with Silvia Federici)
The End of Work or the Renaissance of Slavery?
A Critique of Rifkin and Negri
Three Temporal Dimensions of Class Struggle
A Critique of “Cognitive Capitalism”

Part Two: Machines
On Africa and Self-Reproducing Automata
Why Machines Cannot Create Value: Marx’s Theory of Machines
Marx, Turing Machines, and the Labor of Thought
Crystals and Analytic Engines: Historical and Conceptual Preliminaries
to a New Theory of Machines

Part Three: Money, War, and Crisis
Freezing the Movement and the Marxist Theory of War
The Power of Money: Debt and Enclosure
Notes on the Financial Crisis: From Meltdown to Deep Freeze
On the Notion of a Crisis of Social Reproduction: A Theoretical Review