Midnight Notes #08 (1985) – Outlaw Notes


8th issue of the autonomist journal Midnight Notes from 1985.

Law, prisons and police by the mid-1980s was the reality for many of us experiencing the prison of the law or the law of the prison.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 22, 2018

"The Law of Deals" presaged and out-trumped Trump by describing a layer of struggle beneath and beyond the law, a struggle that shapes Trump's Law.

"Policing Us" is a precis of the history of the police from the slave patrols of the South to the bombing of the MOVE house in 1985.

"Substruction in the Class/Room Struggle" discusses escape from the prison of schools.

Finally, there is a vision of the role of policing, prisons and the law from the insurrectional history of the proletariat. "The Delivery of Newgate" describes the June 1780 liberation of the prisoners by hundreds of Londoners led by Afro-Americans.