Midnight Notes #06 (1983) – Posthumous Notes


6th issue of the autonomist journal Midnight Notes

Submitted by Fozzie on April 20, 2018

This 'Midnight Querist' began this issue with questions of the movement's dead. The issue then analyzes the "Peace Movement" and its control by the "re-industrialization" sector of capital. It also presents a proletarian nuclear strategy that is increasingly relevant for us in the 1990s. We catch the post humorous laughter of the insurrectionary dead from the eighteenth century, then address our real dead, from the voice of Rigoberta Menchu speaking from Guatemala, and our Italian comrades railroaded, tortured and killed. It concludes with an "Audit" of the balance of living class forces in the early 80s.


  • Midnight Querist
  • Freezing The Movement
  • Elegy for E.P. Thompson
  • A Letter to Boston's "Radical Americans" - From a "Loose and Disorderly" New Yorker - Autumn 1770
  • In the House of the Killer Bats (Guatemala 1983)
  • Or Di a Frau Dolcin (Italy, 1983)
  • Audit of The Crisis