Midnight Notes #07 (1984) – Lemming Notes

Cover by Sharon Haggins Dunn
Cover by Sharon Haggins Dunn

7th issue of the autonomist journal Midnight Notes.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 21, 2018

This was an election year and the U.S. Left was registering voters for Mondale. For MN this was “the year of the Lemming” when “the left and much of the U.S. Working class was leaping off a political cliff, driven by a mythical scarcity which exited only in political imagination or will. “How is it possible?” analyzes the Left's political suicide. “Bolo'Bolo' wan an answer to this leftist Lemming leap into the maw of the Planetary Work Machine. It precisely describes the substruction of the three deals of the present world to create together a second reality:


  • Lemming Notes
  • How Can It Be Possible?
  • The Left Today
  • Thanatocracy
  • The Working Class Waves Bye-Bye
  • bolo' bolo [first part of pamphlet]
  • The Struggles At Medgar Evers College