Towards the Final Jubilee: Midnight Notes at Thirty Years

Midnight Notes at Thirty Years.
Midnight Notes at Thirty Years.

A pamphlet published on the occasion of an anniversary meeting
between Midnight Notes Collective and Friends (2009) commemorating 30 years of Midnight Notes.

Submitted by Sike on October 14, 2017

6 Introduction - Craig Hughes

12 From Midnight to Dawn Permutations of a Crisis and the Comedy of the Commons - p.m.

19 Comments on Midnight Notes 30 Years - Steven Colatrella

24 Two Themes of Midnight Notes Work Refusal of Work and Enclosure Commons - George Caffentzis

31 A Short Reflection on Midnight Notes - Chris Vance

35 High Entropy Workers Unite - Team Colors Collective

47 An East Asian Mediator s View of Midnight Notes Collective - Sabu Kohso

53 Beyond Walls and Cages State Violence Racism and the Possibility of Abolution
Economies - Jenna M. Loyd

61 Elegy for Midnight Notes? - Manuel Yang