LSSE Wobblies send solidarity to the sacked A2Z staff

Support sacked A2Z staff
Support sacked A2Z staff

The IWW members at the Leicester Square School of English would like to send our fullest solidarity to the workers at the Dublin A2Z language school who, much like ourselves, have experienced the callous indifference of TEFL bosses.

Submitted by Angry Language… on March 21, 2015

A2Z staff arrived on January 23rd to find a notice on the door that the school had closed. Students similarly were left high and dry. Despite the fact A2Z is doing just fine financially elsewhere, Dublin staff are still awaiting payment. In response to pressure from staff and students, A2Z Dublin have blocked access to their Facebook page.

This story is all too familiar in language schools and, indeed, it mirrors the way our bosses treated us when our school closed down in early January. We’ve been involved in a campaign, detailed here, to secure our unpaid wages as well.

But, whatever they may believe, TEFL bosses are not invincible. A dedicated workforce, bolstered by outside solidarity, can make bosses treat us with decency and respect. Don’t give up the fight and if there’s anything we can do to support, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

More information about the closure is available here:

We encourage folks to take a moment to register their disgust with the directors of A2Z:

James Taylor – [email protected]  
Nasir Hussain – [email protected]  

Since writing this initial statement, we've discovered the A2Z in Manchester has closed down as well. In keeping with the absolute callousness of A2Z management, staff were informed via Facebook. In light of this, the ALB would like to formally extend an offer of practical solidarity - including making ourselves, our friends, and our comrades available for feet-on-the-ground support

The ALB can be reached at [email protected]