Make War on War: Solidarity with Proletarians in Syria

English translation from Spanish of a post by valladolor on Monday, April 16th, 2018.

Submitted by Guerre de Classe on April 26, 2018

“The world disorder that has emerged since the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1989-1991 and the ensuing series of local wars on which the various imperialist powers have sought to capitalize in order to defend their interests to the best of their ability, is now the normal state of the imperialism.”
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The military attack of the US, French and British forces against Syrian Regime installations in the cities of Damascus and Homs is a new step in the declared commercial war in the Middle East between the world imperialist forces for the control of key geostrategic areas. The “exalted” stance of these Western forces in defense of the “human rights” of the Syrian population (against the chemical attacks of their own government) is the reverse of the defense of the “national integrity” of the Moscow government. Both are A- and B-sides of the same record: the imperialist war.

The “double standards” of the Western States justify their armed aggression with the fight against the chemical weapons used by the Syrian regime (let’s recall the lies that justified the attacks on Iraq of Saddam Hussein, what happened in Libya, etc.). Western imperialism bombs its public opinion “metaphorically” with lies to reassure and numb it (tranquilizers in the form of newspaper bombs and opinion campaigns) while physically and really bombing the population of Syria.


The Spanish government claims to support the bombings because “it is condemnable” that there are chemical attacks, and although it is not actively involved in them, it gives logistical support to the Western coalition and participates in NATO and the EU that fully justify the attack. [It seems to us that the controlled poisoning of its own population by the Spanish State does not fall under the category of “chemical attack”, poisoning made through legalization of toxic food products, medicines and potentially toxic fertilizers, or industries that generate cancer and other diseases in the Spanish territory. This is not “a chemical war against its own population”…] Thus, despite its apparent passivity at this moment, the Spanish state is an accomplice (necessary or not, always interested in its own imperialist development) of the attack carried out these days and with its troops on the ground (Turkish border, Lebanon, etc.) it is actively collaborating to the repression of the proletariat of the region and to the economic control of its own part of the cake.

The bourgeoisies of various imperialist States in contention wage war on each other and they associate according to the needs of the script: profits are ruling. War is the continuation of politics by other means: “Syria has become a place where the biggest imperialist powers and the regional capitalist powers play their own part with the aim of seizing part of the booty constituted by its territory (and, if possible, also get their hands on yet another part of Iraq – already divided according to confessional lines and where, intervening against ISIS while continuing to smack down the proletarians, yet, with different objectives, we find Western, Iranian and Turkish influences). Russians, Iranians and Turks are negotiating to reach an agreement to share ‘zones of influence’ in Syria, and the Americans are trying to curb this initiative so as not to be left out of their fair share of a living corpse…”

For all this, we call on the proletarians of any part of the world to fight and denounce the military intervention that has just taken place as well as future interventions that are already planned and to oppose them strongly with all the means our class disposes with.

The enemy is in our own country, our own bourgeoisie.

Proletarians and exploited in Syria need us, we do not abandon them.

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