Mali: Butchers strike against government price-fixing

Bamako Market
Bamako Market

Butchers in the capital of Mali, Bamoko, launched wildcat action after the government ordered prices to be lowered.

Submitted by jef costello on July 4, 2007

The wildcat action was linked to increases in the price of meat in the Bamako district over the last few months. Local butchers blamed the price increases on a lack of livestock that had been caused by a poor supply of animal feed. It is also linked to the loss of value of the CFA Franc, the currency used in many former french colonies.

The government reacted by ordering maximum prices per kilo for meat.The butchers responded with a wildcat action that left the markets virtually deserted on Sunday, creating fears that there would be massive price rises for chicken and fowl.

The government announced on Monday that the price restrictions would remain but would be supported by sate subsidies. The butchers' union and cooperative has since denied that strike action was taken, claiming that they simply did not have the stock to open on Sunday, however the rapid return after the subsidies had been won suggests other wise.