Miners' strikes in North and South America

Striking miners in Lima
Striking miners in Lima

Miners in Canada, Mexico and Peru are either currently striking or planning strike action.

Submitted by jef costello on July 7, 2007

In Canada the mining group Inco has been forced to cancel deliveries as a strike by 3300 workers at its Sudbury Mine in Ontario. Workers have been on strike for a week after negotiations on a new contract broke down.

In Mexico miners from the National Mining and Metal Workers Union launched a 24-hour wildcat strike, spokesman Carlos Pavon said that the strike was held to press the issue of safety in Mexico's mines. It is unclear how well the strikes were observed, with industry sources claiming only 9 of Mexico's 200 mines were affected and the union claiming 80% observance.

The Union, which has 34000 of Mexico's 250000 miners a members, has also announced a national strike to begin on July 16th if contract negotiations fail.

Miners in Peru plan to hold a two day strike next week against attempts by mining companies to prevent unionisation. According to Luis Castillo, secretary general of the Mining Federation, an umbrella union group Peru's 110000 miners will all join the walkout.

Miners and workers at processing plants went on strike for five days at the beginning of June for wage increases. It was the first nationwide miners strike for three years, unons claimed 30000 went on strike whilst government sources claim only 5% of workers joined the strike.

There have also been strike action at mines across Chile, and an indefinite strike of miners in New Zealand.