Peru: Miner's strike ends

A Peruvian mine
A Peruvian mine

A unlimited strike has come to an end after the goverment agreed to the miners' demands.

Submitted by jef costello on May 5, 2007

Workers for the state-run mining company demanded an increase in their salaries and pensions and an end to the involvement of private companies, especially the use of subcontractors who do not offer benefits such as retirement plans to employees.

The strike, organised by the National Miners' Federation, involved a quarter of the country's 120,000 miners. 1600 workers at the american-run Doe Run mine joined the strike on Friday morning. The strike began on Monday and was ended on Friday after the government's offer was accepted by the NMF assembly.

The government has been given 60 days to put the agreement into effect otherwise workers, in an industry that produces over half of Peru's exports, will go back on strike. The minister for work has asked for workers to respect 'necessary steps in economic development' suggesting that while the government may honour some promises it will almost certainly backtrack over the issue of subcontracting.