Moonbat Internationale leaflet on Occupy Wallstreet and its offshoots

Leaflet from ultraleft US midwest group Moonbat Internationale on the occupy movement in 2011.

Submitted by marmot on October 15, 2011

They don’t get it. The ideologues, and “reasonable” people tell us we need to make demands, but how can you start making demands if all of civilization today is built against you? . The social order is rotten, we can’t demand to its fungi that constitute politicians. It would amount to pissing into a large, deep and empty hole. Like fungi, they are part of the problem. We must try to solve it by our way.

Everything is rotten. Anyone who is in their 20s knows this. In the west, in our parent’s generation, a person with a high school diploma and some luck, could afford to buy a house and feed a family. Today, people are lucky to have a job, or have any sort of sense of financial security. We get high and drunk to forget about all of this.

Today, it is rare to not know someone who has been homeless because he or she could not afford rent. We slave in dead end jobs to pay the bills. The leftover of our check goes to booze and drugs because there is nothing beyond that. The worse thing than work, is to not have work. This is the taste of nihilism.

The world economy has become so decadent and obsolete, that it creates vast amounts of wealth, but at the same time, bars a large amount of people from the distribution and production of that wealth. Warehouses full of commodities and empty mansions lay awaste, yet millions starve. North America still is one of the top industrial producers, but the a large amount of our generation wind up in the dead-end of the unproductive realm of cashiers, baristas, restaurant workers and the like. These jobs are not secure, and a lot of the times are not full time. Many of us go back and forth from bouts of employment and unemployment. The economy has fantastically integrated the unemployed into its inner functioning. Dare to raise your voice against the bosses? There are plenty of unemployed to fill the ranks. Future civilization will be one large slum.

Politicians cannot fix this hell. Look around. From the Left, to the Right, politicans have been behind the most outrageous austerity cuts. “Socialist” governments like those in Europe need to deal with riots and protests because their populations cannot deal with these austerity attacks anymore. No matter what is the political ideology of the bosses and politicians, they can’t fix it, because they are all subject to higher, and more powerful forces – the forces of capitalistic economy. To think that wiser politicians can reform this hell, is akin to think that wiser politicians can reform gravity, or the sun. Individual politicians are like insects before Capital.

Violence permeates the fibers of Capital, of the law of profit. War is the order of the day for many inhabitants of this planet. Your cellphones, your laptops, and other everyday electronics you bought through your dead end work, have chips made of minerals that cause civil wars in Africa. Children, high on heroin are sent to die for these mines. Steve Jobs is celebrated, but under the requiem, chinese workers commit suicide due to the hellish conditions of factories that produce Mac parts.

But the present social order is creating its own grave diggers. The world economy has incorporated every corner of this planet, and made increasingly irrelevant the notion of country and locality. Our masters, when they make us fight wars or tell us to sit tight when economic crisis is the order of the day, conjure the spectre of unity and patriotism. However we do not have any country anymore, only a bitter taste in our mouths. When misery is international, so does the fight against misery. The revolts of Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Spain and London are just the beginning.

What is to be done under the present conditions? Certainly not beg the State for handouts and for “taxing the rich.” However, the line of march is unclear. What is for sure, is that we need to fight those elements who want to channel discontent through the State, and respectable means. We need to call out all the wannabe politicians, and assorted “little lenins” that wish to make out of our discontent another bullet point in their curriculum vitaes. To hell with union bosses, professional “community organizers”, and the State, they are all fungi that thrive on our misery. Be part of the struggle, don’t be a walking corpse. The present state of things demands to be abolished, beyond the power of memory to recall its existence.


Moonbat Internationale is an ultraleft/ "infantile disorder" group based in the Midwest of U.S.A., and western Canada. Website: