A new world in our hearts - Eight years of writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

A New World In Our Hearts
A New World In Our Hearts

A New World in Our Hearts contains texts from an important chapter and step in anarchist organizing in the United States and North-America as a whole. This book captures some of the texts and discussions that led to the forming and demise of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation that would exist for 8 years. Its experience would become the foundation of the now known Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Submitted by WithDefiance on February 10, 2020

Love and Rage was a revolutionary anarchist organization built by activists in the United States, Canada and Mexico that sought to make anarchism relevant for the 21st century. Love and Rage made important theoretical contributions to the anarchist movement on questions of anarchist organization, race and the centrality of fighting white supremacy. This book contains important documents from that organization that provide insight into the ideas and methods of Love and Rage that will be useful to activists, agitators, and those interested in the history of revolutionary thought in North America.

"In this book, A New World in Our Hearts, Roy San Filippo re-opens an important chapter in activist history: the writings and organization that were Love and Rage. Refusing to believe that anarchism means just doing your own thing, Love and Rage attempted to build a continent-wide organization of revolutionary anarchists. In the end they may have failed, but the theories, writings and reflections collected here are a critical resource for activists and organizers of the future, particularly those withing the anarchist infused globalization movement."

- Stephen Duncombe, editor, Cultural Resistance Reader

Published by AK Press, 2003
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