No justice, no piece! A working girl's guide to labor organizing in the sex industry

Book cover
Book cover

A manual created by the Exotic Dancers Union in San Francisco from their experiences organizing a union at the Lusty Lady strip club in 1997. A valuable book both for those organizing sex workers and workers in general. A good overview of the NLRB election process, but also general tips on organizing and direct action.

Submitted by Ray Jovana on September 1, 2017

A strippers' union? Do you wish you and your co-workers had some job security, and some control over your working conditions? If the workers at your club want the power to create real changes, a UNION is the answer ... This manual will show you how to start a union where you work.

This manual is predominantly about how to organise an official union in the United States. However there is lots of information of general relevance. For more general organising advice, including non-union or unofficial forms of organising, see our workplace organising guide.