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Novara - Resonance FM
Novara - Resonance FM

A developing archive of the 'crucial' Resonance FM radio show Novara, discussing capitalism, crisis, communism and more.

Submitted by Joseph Kay on June 26, 2013

Novara is an autonomous media assemblage.

What does this mean?

It means we are thinking and seek to offer such thought to others who may be inclined to, if not think like us, at the very least share our questions while not admonishing our curiosity. We seek to bring together different media – audio, video, written text – in our content, while also not deferring to the strict temporality of a mainstream media which confuses a deadline for a truth, the arbitrary decision of an editor for the very wisest words.

As a consequence you may find a one-minute podcast where useful or a five minute video interview where expedient. the form is determined by the content.

In spite of such flexibility of form the ambition we possess for our content is entirely concrete. We wish to create regular output which is sharp, insightful and well researched. We wish to render slightly more intelligible the complexity of a crisis we never thought would come in our lifetimes. We wish to illuminate those holes evacuated by politicians and journalists through lack of either will or intellect. We wish to refine our own questions and answers in doing so. We wish to discuss with you, with all of you all of you – the fact that this is a crisis which can not be solved without its own sacred precepts being rendered profane. We do not pertain to ‘impartiality’ nor do we coronate ourselves with the title of ‘counter-media’. We do not claim to possess an intellectual capacity greater than anyone else, we do not claim to speak for anyone other than ourselves.The analysis here, the thoughts, the conclusions – are our own. They are however the ones we find within us as we speak among our friends, our neighbours, eminent thinkers – our class.

Omnia Sunt Communia



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Submitted by Davi on June 26, 2013

Thank you very much for these podcasts! I was unaware of Novara, and listening to some of their discussions is being very interesting for me. I'll certainly follow them from now on.


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Submitted by Alpinista on June 27, 2013

Yes, thank you for these podcasts. I recommend another Anarchist radio station, the London-based 'The Circled A', whose podcasts can be downloaded here:


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Submitted by proletarian. on March 22, 2014

Thanks for making these available. Listened to the one on fascism which was good and the Owen Jones one so far - I now have a very clear understanding of what the left of capital is! It's interesting actually how it overlaps with one of the ideas about fascism and its potential to rejuvenate capitalism.