S02E004 - All Cops Are Bastards (redux)

An edition of the Novara radio show in discussion with James Butler (@PiercePenniless) and Fergus Jenkins speaking on behalf of the Network For Police Monitoring (@Netpol). The discussion looks at policing in the run up to the Olympics, the recent acquittal of PC Harwood for the death of Ian Tomlinson and the Hicks Judgement.

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Submitted by wojtek on July 26, 2012

Although some people applauded the demo as it passed parliament, the cops showed no interest in uniting with workers.

It wasn’t just that they were contemptuous of the public sector strike.

They were entirely disinterested.

They believe they are a special, separate case.One cop said, “There have to be cuts, but we are the last line of defence.”

A brave man walked through the crowd with a banner offering a reward for information about police corruption.

He was jostled and insulted to much hilarity.

Some cops laughed when protesters at the side of the march chanted the names of people who have died in police custody.

Others slow hand-clapped.

At the end of the trudge through London, a steward said, “That’s it, we’re done”. And they dispersed.

They were only following orders.

Socialist Worker: Bitter cops on the march show no interest in unity