Olympics 2012

Interview: inside the Carpenters Estate

Carpenters Estate from the Aquatic Centre

In the run up to the London 2012 Olympics Newham council gradually emptied the nearby Carpenters Estate of tenants. In March 2010 a small anarchist newsheet, the East End Howler, interviewed one of the remaining tenants. In light of the recent occupation of the estate by Focus E15 Mothers we're republishing the interview here to provide a bit of background.

Serwotka sellout sets seal on Olympic exploitation

Adam Ford on the PCS' aborted strike action, and the unions' Olympic failures.

Cleaners strike protest near London Olympic site

Cleaners strike over pay and conditions on London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

S02E004 - All Cops Are Bastards (redux)

An edition of the Novara radio show in discussion with James Butler (@PiercePenniless) and Fergus Jenkins speaking on behalf of the Network For Police Monitoring (@Netpol). The discussion looks at policing in the run up to the Olympics, the recent acquittal of PC Harwood for the death of Ian Tomlinson and the Hicks Judgement.

Olympic gold medal for gentrification

The Conservative rent cap is being blamed for forcing people out of Newham, but is is all just part of our great Olympic legacy

Kettling 2.0: The Olympic State of Exception and TSG Action Figures

A piece by Dan Hancox discussing the restrictions on free assembly, freedom of movement and the commons in relation to the dismantling of the welfare state and the upcoming 2012 Olympics.

Cameron’s control freakery and paranoia

Government ramps up the apparatus of state control ahead of the Olympics, which is part of a wider and more worrying trend.

Olympic Dream or Workers' Nightmare: An Inside Report on Health and Safety Conditions London 2012 Olympic Site

This report documents and critically analyses the working conditions of construction workers on the Stratford City development site of the 2012 Olympic Games. We base our findings entirely on the accounts of anonymous IWW and non-IWW construction workers employed there.

Building Worker newsletter - Autumn 2007

Newsletter containing articles on organising site workers ahead of the Olympics, fighting the blacklist in Manchester, pay and holiday pay, a recent strike against racism and the dangers of trusting union officials.

UK building workers to prepare for 2012 Olympics

Olympic construction underway

The Olympics will bring much new construction work to London, and some union activists look to the opportunity for a greater say both in the unions they are members of and in the industry itself.