Once upon a time there was a place called Nothing Hill Gate…

Police at the 1976 Notting Hill riots

A personal account covering 20 years of working class history in Notting Hill, including the Carnival, the 1987 riot and the conflicts on All Saints Road. Published by BM Blob in the spring of 1988.

Submitted by Steven. on November 18, 2012

Subtitled "A true story with pictures by Paddington Bear", Once upon a time… was scanned by libcom.org in November 2012. We would like to thank Spikymike for donating the pamphlet to us. Text version from Revolt Against Plenty.

Text here tided up and images added April 2022.




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Submitted by 801 on November 23, 2012

I really enjoyed this. It took me two and a half days reading it on and off at work though. Can anyone else see the photos? I couldn't. Does anyone know of any similar musings on areas of London or other British cities in the same period?


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Submitted by Steven. on November 24, 2012

Hi, glad you enjoyed it. Apologies, to see the photos you need to look at the PDF version, attached to the article


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Submitted by tulgitam on July 18, 2013

j'ai vécu cette période entre elguein avenue protobelo road, egalement dans un quat a becker street. c'etait un squat avec des irlandais et un français, avec moi ça faisait 2 fanrçais. Après l'éviction, nous avon occupé une maison à lettle venice. J'avais également une room dans un squat à becker street. Si vous avez vécu cette période entre 1970 et 1975 nous nous sommes certainement rencontré. J'ai vieilli mais c'est encore dans ma tête comme hier. Désolé pour mon anglais déplorable

I lived through that period between elguein protobelo avenue road, also in a quat has becker street. it was a squat with Irish and French, with me it was 2 fanrçais. After the eviction, we occupied a house in avon lettle venice. I also had a room in a squat becker street. If you lived through that period between 1970 and 1975 we certainly met. I am old but it's still in my head like yesterday. Sorry for my English deplorable