The One Big Union Monthly (September 1937)

The September 1937 issue of IWW journal The One Big Union Monthly, with articles by John Sershon, Covington Hall, x302661, Fred Thompson, Joseph Wagner, Pierre Besnard, Eli Hill, and Onofre Dallas.

Submitted by Steven. on November 27, 2012

-The right to work
-Noise: an intolerable working condition by John Sershon
-I decide to become a Wobbly by A. Seaman
-Ain't it so! by Covami
-Production for use by Covington Hall
-Another letter from Apeland by Card No. 141738
-Migrating workers by B.R.
-They are fine people: the odyssey of a farm hand by Card No. x302661
-Schools peddle dope by A.B. Cobbs
-What is a scab? by Eli Hill
-School days at Work Peoples College by Fred Thompson
-A soldier returns
-The Spanish Civil War by Joseph Wagner
-Catastrophic revolution by Brandt,Editor Cultura Proletaria (Translated by Joseph Wagner)
-Answer to "Catastrophic revolution" by Pierre Besnard, General Secretary of the IWMA (Translated by Joseph Wagner)
-The CNT and reformism: a reply to "Class collaborationism: old and new" by Onofre Dallas
-Factful fables by Covington Hall
-Book reviews
-'Tis only they by Covami

Taken from CDs of JPG scans created by San Francisco General Membership Branch of the IWW
CDs provided courtesy of Nate Hawthorne/Twin Cities IWW Archives