One million throng streets in towns across France

Around a million took to the streets today to join protests against the CPE.

Submitted by Steven. on March 7, 2006

Police put the figure at 396,000. Demonstrations took place in 160 cities accress France.

In Le Havre the CNT local led a march of 7,000 upon the university and blockaded it. In Nantes 15,000 demonstrated in the pouring rain, photos here. 15,000 demonstrated in the northern city of Lille where a number where arrested, and in the meditaranean port city of Marseille, 100,000 marched. In Limoges, several thousand marched.

Limoges anti-CPE demonstration 7/3/06
more photos of Limoges march at

Whilst a large turnout was hoped for, the size of the demonstrations have been of great encouragement to those oppose the labour law liberalisation of the CPE. Another day of action will take place on the 18th of March.