Police say 35,000 protest in Lille

Tens of thousands take to the streets in Lille and across Brittany against the new CPE labour laws.

Submitted by alibi on March 18, 2006

From Indymedia Lille:
"Perhaps 50,000 people, it appears that the cops acknowledged 35,000 of them...

"All the trade unions were there, the high-school girls and students at the head of the demonstration. At the end of the demonstration there was agitation like has become accustomery.

"The cops, each time more, pushed back those remaining to express themselves to the Rue Solferino. Tear gas, and at least 3 arrests for the moment but it is not finished... A small barricade was drawn up at the beginning of the Rue de B├ęthune. There remain still at least 200 people. "

Meanwhile in Brittany, numbers being reported by Ouest France:

21,000-45,000 in Nantes
7,000 in Saint Nazaire
9,000 in St Brieuc
5,000 in Lannion