Report from Paris demonstration

A brief report of today's anti-CPE demonstration in Paris from Reglisse, a young student.

Submitted by jef costello on March 28, 2006

Today's demo in Paris was simply....... ***** amazing! Excellent organization, coordination, but, still, quite a lot of tension in the street. But still!!!!! I've never lived anything like this, even the demos against Le Pen were smaller in 2002....!!!!!!! I'm at loss of words to describe this.

So many people on strike in France, and protesting. Grandmas on their wheel chairs, children, high school students, uni students, young workers, older ones... waaaah....

I left a bit late to join the demo and, there was absolutely nobody in the streets in my district. Desert streets, so weird. When I arrived at the meeting point, there was so many people there it was hard to move through the crowd and thus for kilometers. Its like half of Paris was outside today, which makes quite a lot of people

Ok, i don't have much time now but, 3 Million still seems not enough for the government, so, we still need to be more. Villepin said he wouldn't move an inch. Stupid stubborn dumb person. Chirac, though, has cancelled all his meetings over France and Europe this week and is supposed to do a speech on TV at the end of the week: hmmm.

Moreover, the Conseil Constitutionnel is supposed to give an answer to the question: is the CPE unconstitutional or not? on Thursday, or something like that.