Oxford mail centre wildcat strike

Postal workers at Royal Mail's Oxford Cowley mail centre are on unofficial strike today over the suspension of a union rep.

Submitted by Mike Harman on July 16, 2007

The rep was accused of organising a flying picket to visit another mail office (Watlington) during Friday's official strike. 100% of staff were on strike for the late shift this evening.

Some workers believed the suspension had been planned in advance by management to provoke a walk out in order to attempt a change of contracts.

Other offices are on alert in case mail was diverted, which since many postal workers are frustrated by the current one-day official strikes could provoke action in other offices should it occur.

The Headington and Cowley offices in Oxford both struck unofficially in 2003. http://libcom.org/history/2003-postal-workers-wildcat-strike