Platform of the Socialist Party of Canada

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Socialist Party of Canada
We, the Socialist Party of Canada, affirm our allegiance to, and support of, the principles and programme of the revolutionary working class.
Labor, applied to natural resources, produces all wealth. The present economic system is based upon capitalist ownership of the means of production, consequently, all the products of labor belong to the capitalist class. The capitalist is therefore master; the worker a slave.
So long as the capitalist class remains in possession of the reins of government all the powers of the State will be used to protect and defend its property rights in the means of wealth production and its control of the product of labor.
The capitalist system gives to the capitalist and ever swelling stream of profits, and to the worker, an ever increasing measure of misery and degradation.
The interest of the working class lies in setting itself free from capitalist exploitation by the abolition of the wage system, under which this exploitation, at the point of production, is cloaked. To accomplish this necessitates the transformation of capitalist property in the means of wealth production into collective, or working class property.
The irrepressible conflict of interest between the capitalist and the worker necessarily expresses itself as a struggle for the possession of the reins of governemtn – the capitalist to hold, the worker to secure it, by political action. This is the class struggle.
Therefore, we call upon all workers to organise under the banner of the Socialist Party of Canada with the object of conquering the public powers, for the purpose of setting up and enforcing the economic program of the working class as follows:
1. The transformation, as rapidly as possible, of capitalist property in the means of wealth production (natural resources, factories, mills, railroads, etc.) into the collective property of the working class.
2. The organisation and management of industry by the working class.
3. The establishment, as speedily as possible, of production for use instead of production for profit.
Western Clarion
1915, October 4