Polish and German police against antifascists

On Saturday a group of Polish activists were arrested in Frankfurt (Oder) just because they were Polish antifascists.

Submitted by Black Adder on November 14, 2012

That day, German Nazis wanted to organize demonstration against Polish immigrants. The counter demonstration is supported both by workers, leftists and religious groups. Even the mayor of the town gave “support” to the demonstration. But the true about this “support” is a bit different.
Near the German-Polish border there was an organized group which was going to join. Posters were put in the streets of the town of Kostrzyn. People also could join contacting the group via internet.

Polish police visited the activists several times in their houses trying to get known some information about transport. They were spying them. Police from Słubice (Poland) stopped their bus and noted their names and ID numbers.

Another policeman from Słubice was recording them on a video during crossing the border. Behind the border German police caught them. Females were made to go back to the Polish zone, males were taken to the prison for 8 hours.
The official reason of arresting one of them was a scarf like on the picture and “possibility that it will be used to hide face”. Another guy has his scarf in a rucksack but it was also problem. Two of them also had pepper gas which is illegal in Germany to have it on demonstration but they did not manage to join the demonstration.

“Antinazi” mayor probably knew about the action and tolerated this. The consequence is that he tolerated “stopping Polish invasion” like one of nazi propaganda posters say. He proved that his politic is not friendly for Nazi enemies and that he probably would support Nazis more actively like many Polish politicians do if it was not so controversial in Germany.
After 8 hours antifascists were taken to the boarder. Police from Słubice took them to their station. The chief of the Słubice police said that he had order to ask them why they were arrested by German police. Antifascists said that probably because of his officers who were spying them to the boarder and later asked German police to take action.

Situation looks like political repressions connected with 11th of November in Poland which is the day of nationalist marches in whole country. Nationalist marches are supported by many mainstream politicians.

As we see, Antifascism for all goverments is worse than Nazism. Even German Nazis for Polish goverments.