Polmaise: the fight for a pit - John McCormack and Simon Pirani

Polmaise miners
Polmaise miners

This short book/pamphlet was originally published in 1989. It was written by John McCormack, a miner (and NUM delegate) from the Polmaise pit in Scotland, with the the help of Simon Pirani.

Submitted by Dan Radnika on March 21, 2015

Simon Pirani recently decided to republish the document for the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the UK miners' strike in March 2015.

It contains much valuable information about how the strike was actually conducted at a local level, and about the relationship between the miners and the unions which they belonged to.

I recommend it to anyone concerned with the history of the UK miners' "Great Strike". Here it is in PDF and Kindle format. For further info please go to the WordPress blog:


P.S. I can't say that I recommend the original 1989 conclusion, written when Simon was in the WRP!