Radek - Herman Gorter

Herman Gorter in the mountains

Article by Herman Gorter on Karl Radek in 'De Kommunistische Arbeider [Amsterdam], Jrg. 1, no. 9, March 1922' transcribed and translated by Stijn Marcus. Source: Antonie Pannekoek Archives

Submitted by marxs on February 25, 2023

One of the most obvious proofs, that the Third International and the Russian government do not want the European revolution, was provided by Radek's attitude to the government crisis in Germany, which had arisen after the railroad strike. The Communists wanted the Reich Chancellor Wirth to fall, in order to form a Workers' Government with Scheidemann, Noske, Hilferding, etc. That such a government would mean the victory of reaction and the bloody defeat of the Communists (as in Hungary) is obvious. That kind of Unity Front is false and does not lead to revolution. But, no matter how false, it was still to some extent an attempt at struggle. But even this the Third International and Russia did not want. They want to give in to the bourgeoisie and construction. And so Radek, the member of the board of the Third International and of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, went to Breitscheidt, as leader of the Independents, and advised him not to let Wirth fall. Whatever the latter did with about thirty Independents. Radek thus prevented a revolutionary struggle. A representative of Russia could not do otherwise. And neither can the Russian-controlled International. Because revolution in Europe means no trade, and therefore famine in Russia. Now it has been denied by the Communist Party of Germany that Radek did this. But whoever reads the Rote Fahne of Feb. 19, II. carefully sees that this denial is an admission. Radek in fact, according to the Rote Fahne, said to Breitscheidt that he should only let Wirth fall if the Independents then also wanted a pure Workers' Government and if overthrowing the ministry of Wirth was not a bluff. Since Radek now knew very well that the Independents do not want a Workers' Government, his advice meant nothing more than to keep the Wirth ministry. The Russian government and the Third International are truly counter-revolutionary. This is proven to every worker who wants to see. But how many want to see?