Herman Gorter

Top 10 left communists and council communists

Karl Korsch

Top 10 left communists and council communists

El Materialismo Histórico Explicado a los Obreros

Book in Spanish, by Ediciones Espartaco Internacional. It includes two texts, one by Herman Gorter, Historical Materialism Explained to the workers, and Marxist Theory and Revolutionary Tactics by Pannekoek.

Contra el Nacionalismo, el Imperialismo y la Guerra.

Book cover/Portada del libro

Spanish edition by Ediciones Espartaco Internacional, of writings by Herman Görter and Anton Pannekoek, on war, nationalism and revolution.

Pannekoek and Gorter's Marxism

A lengthy introduction to the marxism of Pannekoek and Gorter, followed by five translated texts from these two authors.

A life of struggle: Farewell to Herman Gorter - Anton Pannekoek

An obituary for left communist Herman Gorter by Anton Pannekoek in 1927.

Imperialism, the world war and social democracy - Herman Gorter

Dutch left communist Herman Gorter on war, imperialism and the nationalist degeneration of the First International.

Review: Herman Gorter's Imperialism, the world war and social democracy - Vladimir Sarabjanov

Translated review from Red Virgin Soil, 1921, n.3, p. 343-46 of 'Imperialism...', State Publishing House (Gosizdat). Moscow. 1920

Historical Materialism Explained To Workers - Herman Gorter

Pamphlet from 1908 attempting to clearly explain the Marxist concept of historical materialism to working people.