Resistance to the 1991 Gulf War - Treason pamphlet

Submitted by bastarx on October 10, 2006

This pamphlet - a collection of articles - was prepared for the Zerowar conference which was held in Wollongong on the 8th of December 2002.

“Sabotage the War Effort” is the text of a leaflet distributed by No War But The Class War (NWBTCW) at an anti-war demonstration in London in February 1991. NWBTCW was reformed during the 1999 Kosovo War and again in 2001 to oppose the “War on Terror”. They have a website at:

“Lessons from the Struggle Against the Gulf War” was written by the communist group Aufheben and appeared in the first issue of their annual magazine in 1992. Aufheben have a website containing most of their articles at:

“Do You Remember the First Time?” was written in early 1998 when a new US/British military assault on Iraq seemed imminent. Practical History have a website at: