SchNEWS/Squall Yearbook 2001


Anthology of SchNEWS newsletters and Squall articles from 2000-2001: The Zapatistas march into Mexico City, thousands disrupt the World Bank meeting in Prague, Churchill gets an anarchist make-over: from Bognor to Bogota, Dudley to Delhi, and Kilburn to Melbourne, resistance has become as global as the institutions of capitalism. This was a year full of stories of people at the frontline of struggles worldwide, and creating sustainable solutions to the corporate carve-up of the planet.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 2, 2023

SchNEWS Issues 251-300 (March 2000 - April 2001) These 50 issues of SchNEWS along with the best of Squall magazine, plus loadsa photos, cartoons, satirical graphics, subverts, and a comprehensive contacts database.

See also Libcom's archive of individual SchNEWS newsletters.

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