Socialist Labor Party pamphlets

Daniel DeLeon, the man and his work
Daniel DeLeon, the man and his work

Pamphlets of the Socialist Labor Party adapted from

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Abolish capitalism! 1932
An address to the voters of the state of Massachusetts
Anti-semitism: cause and cure
Atomic power: Promise or menace?
Capitalist unionism 1925?
The C.I.O., by Daniel de Leon after 1937
City of Louisville platform 1933
Civil liberties: an American heritage after 1942
Collapse of capitalism 1927 - letter of acceptance of Jeremiah D. Crowley, Socialist Labor candidate for vice-president
The democracy of socialism
Do we have a democracy?
Fascism, or industrial feudalism…
The fascist menace (without subheadings)
The fascist menace (with subheadings)
Illinois state platform 1938?
Industrial union government 1933?
Industrial unionism, by Daniel de Leon 1913
Is labor a commodity? 1938 - 2 copies
Is Socialism un-American? 1940?
The labor draft 1940?
The labor draft: step to industrial slavery
The machine and unemployment
New York state platform 1947?
1944 platform 1944
No jobs -- why? 1940?
Outlawing strikes
Own your jobs!
The police and the right of revolution
Political gangsterism, by Arnold Petersen
Post-war crisis 1940-1946
Poverty can be abolished
The program for peace, security and freedom 1952
The race problem
Re Australia 1930
Significance of the ballot
Socialism: champion of civilized principles
Socialism and the flag, by Daniel de Leon
The Socialist Labor Party vs. the Socialist Party
Socialism now!...or chaos
Stop peacetime conscription!
Stop peacetime conscription!
Survival is the issue!
There can be no peace without socialism
Tom Mooney and the class struggle
The two party hoax
The "union label" by Arnold Petersen
The value of labor laws
Watch your liberties!
What is socialism?
What means this strike?
What Socialism means
Whither society? - 2 copies

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