Solidarity for workers' full control #04

Issue of Solidarity published by Solidarity (South London) on 4 July 1969 with articles about Kingsnorth, keystone cops, Fiat workers and the Ilford squatters' struggle and more.

Submitted by Steven. on September 8, 2013


Squatters' last stand - on the Ilford squatters struggle
Fiat workers see through unions - on the autonomous struggle of Fiat workers in Italy
Keystone kops at Kingsnorth - on security at the Kingsnorth power station, preventing workers from driving their cars on site to prevent employee theft
International's cheese roll cuisine -Fanny Craddock - on the overpriced poor quality food at Kingsnorth
The Allen's dispute - on a dispute at Allens Ltd, a contractor at Kingsnorth
All bruvvers at Kingsnorth - on workers' struggles at International Combustion Limited at Kingsnorth.
Violence in court - Jackie Shreeve - a workplace tell from a frustrated assistant probation officer
Solidarity conference - Andrew Mann - a report from a national conference of Solidarity which took place 21-22 June
Dandy promises at Dungeness - on construction workers at Dungeness power station
Policeman in other uniforms - information about Mr Quartermain, boss of a private detective agency and bailiffs working for Redbridge Council.