Solidarity for workers' power #1.09

Solidarity cover

The ninth issue of the first volume of Solidarity for workers' power from late 1961 with articles on the Committee of 100, BLSP strike, state socialist Cuba and more.

Submitted by Steven. on September 8, 2013


  • Civil disobedience and the working class - on the Committee of 100, with suggestions for it to turn its focus towards the working class.
  • Four hours in a degenerated workers' embassy - Ken Weller - a participant account in a short lived occupation of the Russian Embassy on Tuesday 19 October, 1961 against the Soviet nuclear programme.
  • BLSP strike - an introduction and background to the dispute at British Light Steel Pressings.
  • Sit-down critique - Jim Petter - a critique of the Committee of 100 in response to an article in Solidarity #1.08.
  • Film review: Rocco & his brothers
  • On the social structure of the new Cuba - John Ball - information and critique on the new state socialist regime there.
  • "Some views on civil disobedience" - Grace Jacobs - thoughts on the Committee of 100 and civil disobedience.