Solidarity for workers' power #2.05

Issue of Solidarity from 16 September 1962 with articles about a Committee of 100 leaflet being distributed in Moscow, the situation in Vauxhall plants, the Japanese Zengakuren and more.

Submitted by Steven. on September 12, 2013


  • Against all bombs - text of a leaflet distributed in Moscow by supporters of the Committee of 100.
  • That leaflet - an account of the distribution of the above leaflet in the Soviet Union and its repercussions.
  • The falling rate of prophets - John Lane - a Trotskyist song to the tune of old Jonah, he lived in a whale.
  • The truth about Vauxhall - Ken Weller - an auto worker examines work at a Vauxhall plant where American methods were in operation.
  • Jehovah's vanguard - Shillelagh - article on how the Bolsheviks attempted to discipline the peasantry in a similar way to how English puritans tried to discipline individuals into becoming efficient workers.
  • Join the Army - spoof advert
  • About ourselves - update on the Solidarity group's activities.
  • Skeleton staff at Grave's - Brian Booker - an account of for weeks working at the Gravesend Co-Operative Society.
  • Rates refusal - Andy Anderson - update from Andy on his court case for refusing to pay his Civil Defence rates.
  • News from Zengakuren - News and an interview with Zengakuren, the All-Japan Federation of Autonomous Students, a mass revolutionary student group.