Solidarity for workers' power #2.03

Issue of Solidarity from 21 May 1962 with articles about an unofficial struggle against tea break reductions at Ford Dagenham, the civil rights movement and more.

Submitted by Steven. on September 12, 2013


  • Whither peanuts? - article on a rowdy May Day demonstration, arguing for solidarity with the "troublemakers".
  • News from Ford - a participants account of a successful unofficial struggle at Ford's Dagenham plant of workers against bosses and the unions against the reduction of tea break times.
  • A busman writes - Colin Seale - short article about bus workers rejecting a bigger pay increase because it increased wage differentials between drivers and conductors.
  • Empty the gaols! - Nick Ralph - article about a Committee of 100 action.
  • The Negro struggle - Owen Cahill - an account by an American sympathiser with the violent and dramatic events in August/September 1961 in Monroe, North Carolina.
  • The long resolution - E Morse - spoof song about the joys of passing left-wing resolutions in meetings
  • You, again… - readers' letters.
  • The civil liberties fraud. 1. A case of civic disobedience - Andy Anderson - Andy Anderson recounts his summoning to court for refusal to pay the element of his rates which are earmarked for Civil Defence.
  • 2. Threats to rights of assembly - Pat Arrowsmith - an account of being arrested and charged for speaking at a meeting at Liverpool docks.
  • Peasant revolt in North Kent - Ron Bailey - an account of a protest at a council meeting about the Civil Defence rates charges.
  • Working class consciousness - continued from issue #2.02
  • Scratch… Scratch… - Leaked internal bulletins from the Trotskyist Socialist Labour League revealing a crisis of leadership within their own ranks.