Solidarity for workers' power #2.02

Issue of Solidarity from 19 April, 1962 with articles about a huge sit-in at the British Motor Corporation, the US civil rights movement, work on the London docks and more.

Submitted by Steven. on September 12, 2013


  • Two marches - on an Easter Monday march against nuclear weapons
  • Sit-in at BMC - Longbridge plant immobilised. No arrests! - Ken Weller - on a week-long city on strike of 3000 hourly paid workers at the British Motor Corporation factory in Longbridge, Birmingham.
  • Route 40 sit-in - Owen Cahill - on the struggle in the US against racial segregation in restaurants by a participant.
  • Election sensation! Russia moves sideways! - on the farce of the March 18, 1962 elections to the USSR Supreme Soviet, which had an alleged turnout of 99.95%.
  • A docker looks at the docks -Jimmy Jewers -a docker describes the docks industry from the workers' perspective.
  • About ourselves - an update on the activities of Solidarity
  • Reviews - reviews of Strike strategy by National Rank-And-File Movement, Freedom riders for themselves by Mary Hamilton, Louise Inghram and others, by E Morse.
  • Committee of 100: towards industrial action… - Ken Weller - article based on a report submitted by the convener of the Industrial Subcommittee to the London committee of 100.
  • Dartford reporter asks: what makes people revolt? - letter about Andy Anderson refusing to pay his Civil Defence rate.
  • Working-class consciousness - article arguing that workers' struggles at the point of production lay the foundations of a socialist society.