Solidarity for workers' power #2.01

First issue of the second volume of Solidarity with a series of articles looking at on-the-job action in the workplace including working to rule, withdrawing goodwill, sabotage and more.

Submitted by Steven. on September 11, 2013


  • A week at the circus - on a court case of an anti-nuclear protester
  • Working to rule - an analysis of the workers-tactic of the work to rule, looking in particular at a 1961 postal workers' dispute
  • The gospel according to rule - E Morse - In the Beginning Was the Rule…
  • Withdrawal of good will - Ken Weller - a look at the tactic of withdrawing goodwill, looking at a 1962 dispute in a London engineering firm
  • Solidarity 1913 - A reprint of a passage from the first issue of Solidarity: A monthly journal of militant trade unionism produced by the Industrial Democracy League
  • Who sabots? - A look at workplace sabotage
  • Political economy: The crisis of leadership (a study in overproduction and underconsumption) - a satirical Groucho Marxist text about leadership of the working class
  • Machine gun my neighbour! - Short article about a company in Illinois hiring out nuclear shelters
  • Fan mail - readers' letters
  • About ourselves - taking stock of the first 10 issues
  • Costs… Or managerial rights - article about mismanagement and money being wasted in the post office