Spanish banks occupied

Hundreds of activists from the Platform for Mortgage Victims (PAH) have occupied a branch of the Banco Popular Bank, and the BBVA bank, both in Barcelona.

Submitted by working class … on July 11, 2013

Activists have taken up the case of Jose Antonio Gomez. Jose signed for a loan of 390,000 Euros, and despite repaying over 100,000 Euros - interest rates mean the debt has now risen to 590,000 in less than 5 years.

Jose’s circumstances are typical for many ordinary Spaniards who have been crippled by interest rates.

As you would expect – within minutes of the occupation, scores of heavily armed riot police arrived and began the process of violently dragging people out of the bank.

This latest action comes only days after 50 members of the (PAH) occupied a branch of the BBVA bank in Barcelona, protesting against the bank evicting people who have been unable to keep up with their loan repayments

The (PAH) are demanding that action be taken to prevent a growing social crisis, and have vowed to continue with bank occupations until banks start offering solutions.