May they all go

Original Spanish text, published 19th May, available here

Submitted by Toms on June 10, 2011

Those of us who have flowed to the streets in protest are many. All of us have indentified ourselves in our disgust for political parties, our disgust for Unions, for businessman… Above all we’ve realized that we have reached our limit. We are sick of being pariahs to this world. We endure more than the few who fill their pockets and live like kings, all the while squeezing us dry way beyond the limit in order to maintain the health of the sacred economy. We know that to change this we have to fight for ourselves, in the margin of parties, Unions and other representatives who want to endorse us.

Above all, this reality is expressing a fundamental question that affects the whole world: the contradictions of needs and interests between the economy and humanity. This has been perfectly understood by our rebel brothers in North Africa, this we understand today when the situation is unsustainable for all of us and we go out fighting. We endured the unbearable, we have suffered a pawning of our living conditions who have not been in the current state for decades. But finally we have said enough, and here we are, expressing our disgust for the whole infernal system that turns our life to a commodity.

We want, certainly, to express our absolute disgust for the label of citizen. Under this label is all living worm, from the politician to the unemployed, from the Union leader to the student, from the richest businessman to the most miserable of laborer; the antagonistic living conditions are merged. To us it is not a struggle of citizens. It’s a class struggle between the exploited and the explorers, between proletariat and bourgeois as some say. Unemployed workers, students, retirees, immigrants… we form the social class to which all, more or less, sacrifices fall unto. Politicians, bankers, land-lords… form the other class of society, that which benefits, also more or less, from our pain. That which does not want to see this class reality lives in a fantasy world.

We have arrived here, from numerous gatherings across the country protesting in the squares, it’s time to think, it’s time to establish our stances, to orientate our actions well. The heterogeneity is large, without a doubt. Comrades have converged who have fought against the system for many years, others who have gone to the street for the first time, others have made it clear that are going for the whole (“we want it all and we want it now” said a sign in puerta del sol), others talk of reforming several aspects, others find themselves confused, others just want to manifest that they have endured too much...And there is also those, and we need to have this acknowledged, who just like to fish in tumultuous rivers, who seek to channel the discontent to neutralize it’s strength taking advantage of our indecisions and weaknesses.

Since the beginning something that we have discussed between several comrades in the streets is that our strength is in our repulsion, in the movement of denial of what stops us from living. It is what has forged our unity in the streets. We think that we have to advance there, to deepen and unite our repulsion. For that, because we have the strength in that negation, we have it clear that we won’t solve our problems demanding better democracy, as has been written in slogans, not even demanding the best democracy we can imagine. Our strength is in the repulsion that we are manifesting at real democracy, “meat and bones” democracy of what we suffer from everyday and that is nothing other than the dictatorship of money. There is no other democracy. It’s a trap to demand that ideal and marvelous democracy we were told about when we were little.

In the same way it’s not about improving this aspect or that, because the fundamental still stands: the dictatorship of the economy. It’s about completely transforming the world, of changing it as a whole. You don’t reform Capitalism, you destroy. There is no middle ground. You need to go to the end, you need to go to the abolition of capitalism.

We have occupied the street a few days from the parliamentarian party, the party where the people who will execute the commands of the market will be elected. Well, it’s a first step. But we can’t stay here. If it’s about giving continuity to the movement, about creating and consolidating structures and organizations for the struggle, for the discussion between comrades to face the repression that has struck us in Madrid and Granada. We need to be aware that without social transformation, without social revolution, everything will remain the same.

Next we cry out our disgust with the spectacle of the electoral circus in any way we can. We call to the rise all over of the motto “May they all go!”. But we also call for the struggle to go beyond the Sunday 22 elections. May we go much beyond those days. We can’t let the formed bonds die.

We call for the formation of structures for struggle, we call for the making of connections, for the coordination of combat, to fight in the assemblies that are being formed making of them organs of the people, for the conspiracy, the discussion, the fight and not for citizen rallies. We call to the organization of the entire country to fight against tyranny of commoditization.

To the street to fight!
Democracy is the dictatorship of capital
You don’t reform capitalism, you destroy it!