Spain protests 2011

The Return of the Public Order Tribunals – Revista Argelaga

An analysis of the recent totalitarian trends in Spain in the legislative and judicial domains, as exemplified by a recent (2015) Supreme Court verdict sentencing several people to three years in prison for peacefully protesting in front of a government building in June 2011, discussing the continuity between Franco’s Spain and “today’s parliamentary regime”, the myth of “popular sovereignty”, and the concept of “despotism” in its contemporary guise.

Egypt, Bahrain, London, Spain?– Tahrir Square as a meme

DSG's piece on resistance tactics as 'meme' and the emergence of public space occupations in North Africa and Europe.

Indignados in Seville and Barcelona: reports from the #spanishrevolution

Reports from anarchists in two different cities in Spain about the assemblies movement there. From late May/Early June 2011. Translated for The Commune.

May they all go

Original Spanish text, published 19th May, available here

June 2nd: Report from Zaragoza

Occupied Plaza in Zaragoza.

Report from participants in the Spanish popular assembly movement, from Zaragoza.


Madrid Metro strike, 2010.

Short article putting the popular assembly movement in the context of recent struggles in Spain against austerity.

Part 2: what is acampada sol?

Map of Acampada Sol.

Text explaining the nature of the encampment in Puerto del Sol (now known as Acampada Sol).

Part 1: a march and a plaza

Report from a participant on the first days of the occupation of Puerta del Sol and the Spanish assembly movement in Madrid.

Spain: Anarchists and the May 15 movement: reflections and proposals

Rally in Puerta del Sol in solidarity with occupiers in Barcelona

A reflection article written by anarchists in Madrid on the occupation at Puerta del Sol, leading up to the neighborhood assemblies which took place on May 28.