Staying Healthy, Staying Connected: COVID-19 info for prisoners

A zine created by Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross with information for prisoners about the coronavirus outbreak. Primarily in English with some Spanish sections, and designed for North Carolina inmates although most of the information will be applicable elsewhere.

Submitted by R Totale on March 23, 2020

Dear Friend,

We hope this message reaches you in good health and spirits. As you read this, the world is changing rapidly outside. People’s day to day realities have changed dramatically as routines of work, school, childcare, recreation, and simple things like shopping for groceries are disrupted or eliminated entirely, leaving us in a new moment none of us can fully comprehend or predict. We are told to stay indoors and “socially distance” ourselves from each other. In many places there are official orders to “shelter in place” and gatherings of more than ten people at a time banned. Many people feel anxious, not just about getting sick but also about how to afford and access basic supplies and pay the rent after being laid off or having hours cut. But alongside the anxiety, we also see possibilities opening up in the cracks of the status quo. We are witnessing a rapid and fierce coming-together of friends and neighbors committed to taking care of each other through this crisis. People are coordinating distribution of material resources and providing emotional support within their communities, finding ways to remain physically distant while staying socially connected. This guide is an attempt to extend that social connection inside, across the walls and razor wire. We haven’t forgotten about you and won’t stop advocating for you. We hope you find this guide helpful, and that you’ll stay in touch to let us know how you’re doing and what you need.
In solidarity, Blue Ridge ABC

What this guide covers:

This guide provides up-to-date information about COVID19. We have only used information from credible sources such as the Center for Disease Control and other public health resources. Critical information is also covered in Spanish although we were not able to translate the entire guide. We also provide ways you can advocate for yourself and others at this time, including a COVID19 Report Form and information about an upcoming national grievance filing day on May 7. Finally, we share news about people being released from prisons and jails in the wake of this crisis.